Order of the Stick


That is not something I saw coming.


That very overt mention of the shield has got to be foreshadowing as well.


Better Left in the Past


Gotta say, I love all the references in this last one. And the terrible, terrible puns in the 6th frame. ;)


Relevant to today’s comic. Not sure what the last frame on Elan is a reference to though



Aaaaaallllll the way back in number seven:


Wow. Thanks for that - I was drawing a total blank.


I can’t believe you remembered that. That’s awesome @SadleyBradley.


Hey, I remembered it too! All of it, I say!



Oh, I didn’t remember the exact strip off the top of my head (although that would have been impressive)! I did recall that it happened in the first dungeon, which narrowed it down to the first hundred strips. From there, I scanned the comic titles in the archive until I found one that looked right (ThorPrayer), and that happened to be the correct one.


The difference in art really stands out. Also such a big change in tone from the early days.


Advanced Color Theory


Geez, what has Redcloak done?


There was a lot of talk about whether the other worlds’ also had home grown dieties, not part of the creation. I guess the answer was no.


I have to admit, that tale and explanation about the colors was fucking fascinating to me. What a great story he’s weaving here!


What’s interesting to me is that, I suspect, most of this wasn’t planned out in the beginning. But Rich is using that early material and making a coherent story out of it.

Which is a damn tricky thing to do.


Hell yes it is. He’s an amazing story teller though, so I’m impressed but unsurprised he’s pulling this all together so well.


Definitely not planned out. Who could have imagined a story about stick figures going dungeon-delving would have such huge success?

But yeah - he’s a fantastic storyteller. And a master of the webcomics form - it never ceases to amaze me how he manages to make every page (or in this case, two pages) have something that either makes you laugh or say “oooh”. That’s insanely hard - I don’t know any other story-form webcomics that manage it as with as great regularity as OOTS.


Reminds me of the world building of Adventure Time.


More fine exposition.

“Och, it’s this whole thing wit tha plot.”