Order of the Stick


His name is TOTALLY METAL!


Lines of Communication


I wonder how they will pull this off?


Ach, I dinnae know.


Help me out, is that a fake scotish, Irish or Walsh accent. I can never tell when reading it.


Scottish. It’s got more edge than Irish, and vowels than Welsh.

At least that’s how I read it in my head.


I’d say Scottish as well.


As long as we are all on the same page when it comes to common tropes and stereotypes


That’s Jack’s Fault


I was confused about who jack was at first.

So would he be the equivalent of those Tom Chick tracts we have in our world?


Jack Kirby, for sure.

Son. Just… don’t.


Didn’t know he was part of the story


So, what role does the stick play in this series?


It keeps the peace, obviously.


Secret Whispers


Hmm, what has the entire dwarven race forgotten?


Hey guys, turns out we have infravision! Who knew?


Don’t dwarfs have sense direction or sense depth or sense inclination or something like that?


Kid with the puppet indeed.


I can only hope that this somehow ends with Banjo becoming the necessary new god to supply the appropriate new color magic.