Order of War

I saw this at my local EB and almost picked it up. I read a few reviews in the low 80’s but nothing from the big review sites like IGN or Gamespot. Anybody have a chance to play this one yet? Any thoughts?

I tried the demo a while ago, and I want to like it, I mean it does a lot of things that appeal to me, but the demo didn’t really manage to sell it for me. The UI feels quite clunky and I felt the demo mission didn’t really give a good idea about how the mechanics will work with the big picture.

I liked the persistent upgrade system and the reinforcement system that’s akin to World in Conflict, but based on the demo, I’m not willing to pay full price. Will probably pick it up from the bargain bin, though.

IGN and Gamespot’s reviewers both liked it a lot.

I did not.


Played through the demo, and thought it was really like a slower paced WiC- then remembered that Company of Heroes was awsome and promptly shoved this aside to play that.

i’ve only played the first two missions but it felt incredibly average / generic. men of war set a ridiculously high standard for WWII RTS earlier this year, and this just feels like a backward step. plus one of the campaigns is playing as the germans defending against the russians in the late war period. what?!

Heh, completely not your intention, but this got me interested, I’ll go check it out now. The last game I recall giving me the change to engage in a desperate and ultimately domed defence of the fatherland was Close Combat Cross of Iron.

i have no qualms about playing as germans, but it just seems a weird choice of campaign to me. glad to of helped anyway!

Played the demo, did not impress me at all…

Downloaded the demo via steam. Does not work. When I hit play demo in the game’s menu, it crashes.

No sale for me.