Ordering Mother's Day flowers

I just get a call from a florist in CA saying becasue of demand, they can no longer guarantee delivery of the flowers we ordered yesterday. Very annoying.

I speak to the manager and she blames me, saying “the web site clearly states that we can’t guarantee a Saturday delivery.” When I ask her why, then, she is calling me this morning, she gets flustered, says my order is cancelled, and hangs up on me. Oiy!

How does flower delivery work? It seems like I was dealing with a person in texas who was trying to get a shop in california to send the flowers. God only knows who operates the web site where we orginally ordered the flowers. The business model seems like such a huge house of cards, it’s a miricale any flowers ever get delivered.

Meanwhile I am stuck with no flowers for mom, the day before mother’s day. Anyone got any good ideas?

No florists near her house?

Yeah, I’ve always gone with a florist in the city where my mother lives.

… or neighbours with nice flower beds?

they can no longer guarantee delivery of the flowers we ordered yesterday

He who waits till the last second gets the shaft.

Sux 2 b u.

Explain to her, that it’s a stupid holiday invented by the international florist conspiracy and Hallmark and that you don’t need to prove your love to her through material wealth.

Get your butt back to SLO so you can go pick some flowers for me, dude!

I ordered from flowers.com several years ago and they’ve spammed me ever since. They consistently ignore requests to take me off their mailing list, and their upstream provider doesn’t give a shit. Just say no to internet flower delivery.

I bought my mom a couple DVDs from amazon instead. At least they have some lasting value.

this is a no-duh: find a florist local to where she lives, call them up and place an order over the phone - their flowers will be nicer and you won’t be supporting mail order russian brides or whatever else the intarwebconglomarate that owns the site you tried to use has their fingers in.

Buy your mom something useful instead of flowers, like a year’s worth of gasoline. Or a new car.

Flowers are so, umm, allergenic.

I’ve gone with proflowers.com and never had trouble but I usually order a little early just to make sure.

There is a giant network of florists, so if you call one in your town and want flowers delivered to 5 states away, the person you talk to takes care of the “call a local florist where she lives” nonsense.

There may be multiple networks (FTD and others), I don’t know. The idea is the same.

I sent flowers to my girlfriend (Erin) in Tennessee.

When the note got there, it says:

“Dear Ein, Wish you was here, Love Alex”

My grammar was a little better.

Just tell her she’s lucky you’re not calling her collect. From prison.