It’s not often you see phrases like “During the course of his perverted ravings” in a legal document.

On the one hand I have trouble believing he could be this stupid.

On the other hand he’s easily arrogant and self-centered enough.

Makes for interesting reading anyway. Particularly the Carribean fantasy bit where he goes on and on and on about how great her big breasts are. Would requesting photographic evidence to properly document that segment be going too far? Yeah, I thought it would.


that thread has a liberal bias. here we can all be safe.

This is true, Comrade. I have finally seen the light.

Oh bah. I even made a point of scanning the subject headings to see if it had been posted before. Yes I feel stupid.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. I saw OUTFOXED recently and the way he treated the son of the 9/11 victim on his show was just appalling.

I can’t believe no-one’s made an “O’Reilly Fucked-Her” joke yet.