.org sold to private equity

The top level domain world is getting shadier and shadier:

To be honest, the bigger news seems to be the removal of the price cap, which is presumably what makes it attractive to buy in the first place.

I don’t know how people can be shocked by stuff like this. This is the nature of the system we live under (and, to be clear, I hate it). The bit towards the beginning about people being surprised because ISOC used to be seen as being supportive of the engineering culture of the internet as opposed to the continued commercialization of it reminded me strongly of similar laments about Boeing in the General Aviation thread, but this sort of financialization of things is absolutely inevitable in a world of globalized capital.

Is this for real? Wow.

.org has no real meaning though, right? I understand the original intent but these all feel like vanity plates nowadays.

Wow. Just wow. Straight-up unashamed commercialization of an established root domain.

“Just deal with it.”

They should sell .gov too and see how well that move is received.

I work at a non profit. We’re a .org. It was real for some of us.

From the looks of the article this corruption and fraud. Whoever those guys running ICANN were their sole purpose seems to be have been to appropriate public assets for themselves. I deal with corruption like this all the time, but its not usually in the West.