Organ Farming: 85% Sheep, 15% Human

A University of Nevada researcher developed a sheep containing 15% human tissue in the hopes that harvesting organs from this new breed of “hu-sheep” would decrease rejections for transplant organs.

crazy shite:

didn’t George Dubbleyaw kaybash this shit?

is this not illegal in the U S of A?

Could you just talk like a normal(i.e. non-retarded) person? kaybash?

Margaret Atwood predicted this in her blog years ago. And with that I leave you this:

No and no. He put the shiskebob or whatever on embryonic stem cells, not bone marrow stem cells donated by the same person to receive the organs.

Actually, I think he’s talking about Bush’s tirade against “human-animal hybrids” a while back. I’m not sure if he authored/sponsored any actual legislation to that effect, but I remember him talking about it.

Kibosh is a real word. It’s DrDel’s spelling that’s odd. :)