Orgasm illness: coming in Japan

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They need practice safe sex. The next time the see a tentacle, put a condom on it.

Road trip!

Points to K0NY for the thread title.

No wonder we haven’t heard from Kitsune for a while.

Manga artist Akira Narita, who says he has slept with over 1,000 different women, says he has come across some he believes may have had PSAS.

“There must have been about 15 who came without me doing a thing. We’d only need to stare in each other’s eyes and they’d start wiggling about, gripping tightly onto whatever was around them and their bodies would start to shake. There were others who’d orgasm repeatedly just because I’d stroked their hands,” the self-professed sexpert says. “I’d always thought of these women as types who got off in their minds, but I think perhaps they may have had PSAS.”
…they seriously interviewed this guy as an expert based on how many women he says he’s slept with? I don’t think I can take this article seriously…

Mainichi is a tabloid.

He’s a manga artist in Japan, that’s like being Wilt Chamberlain in the States.

Hmmm…so this is big in Japan eh? Couldn’t possibly be from generations of suppresed female sexuality could it? Or maybe it’s just all the hentai everywhere…

No repressed sexuality never explodes like that, Slainte. I think it’s the intense masculinity of the Japanese male. All they have to do is look at a woman.

Perhaps Charles’ point wasn’t forceful enough. . .

Mainichi is the Japanese equivalent of the Weekly World News.

Or grope them against their will on the subway.

I also say I have slept with more than a 1000 women, somebody should interview me…

… or was it one woman a 1000 times? Sometimes I forget.

Possible hotel accommodation?

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what this tabloid article is trying to validate. It’s okay, they might like it a whole lot!

Can orgasm illness be transmitted sexually? Because my willy seems to cause a similar reaction (repeated orgasms, trembling and exhaustion, etc) whenever I sex up a betty.

Also: I am a total pig. Oink fucking oink.

Same thing. Women are all the same.

Check the emails section on that page, it’s hilarious.

Hello keiko, we are two super nice and sexy catalan guys and we want a lots of sex with you.

We know that you are “muy bonita”.

I say: A Saying in Tokyo : Two men is two wallets and four kidney. haha


It’s a trap!

In Japan, the women walk with their tiny little feet all over your back. This is to prepare your kidneys for harvesting, at which time they also steal your wallet, leaving you in a tub full of ice with “Carr 911” written on the bathroom mirror.

This thread is useless without pictures.

Um, no.