Ori and the Blind Forest


Hey, I finished it, and I’m not a masochist. It’s pretty hard in some places, but I don’t remember hating it at any point whatsoever. Well, maybe a little bit in a couple places at most. That’s it.


I don’t find it fun to do the same thing for 30 minutes in a row, which is how long it took me to escape the flood. I see Rock8man took 90 minutes. I was close to uninstalling the game even after those thirty - it just feels like a god damn waste of time. It’s not like the game is giving me much experience I have never had before in narrative or anything. It is just eye candy plus hand gymnastics…not really my thing I guess.
I don’t deny the game is well done, but I find it kinda chore to play. But now I have some 6 hours in it, so I want to see it through even if I do not particularly enjoy it. Dammit :)


That “escape the flood” part is one of the worst. There’s only one other section that’s as hard and unforgiving as that one, but it’s close to the end and you do have more tools at that point. I’d say it’s worth trying to go until the end if you can.


I took a long time on those too, but like rhamorim says there aren’t a lot of places like that. i thought about giving up but I’m glad I stuck with it - but I do have a fondness for this type of game as long as I don’t play too many of them.


This is another one of those games that I really enjoyed at the start, but that enjoyment turned into a slog as the difficulty ramped up to frustrating levels. This didn’t happen that far into the game either, perhaps exacerbated by the lack of clues about where to go next. Normally I don’t mind this, but getting from screen to screen was such a slog that I lost motivation to revisit areas to see what I’d missed. Anyway, I keep meaning to try again but it’s been long enough by now that I’ll have forgotten all the mechanics and have to start over, and that’s not happening anytime soon!

I’ve noticed this a lot lately, massive difficulty spikes not far into a promising game. I’m not sure whether I’m being unlucky, or whether I’m getting too told for this shit. ;) I keep telling myself, you’ve beaten Dark Souls 1 and 2, surely it can’t be that hard!? Either that, or those games broke me.


Ori is definitely hard in spots, it’s also a different kind of hard from Dark Souls, as in Ori it’s all about precision and execution of mechanics along a singular path. It’s more akin to masocore platformers like Super Meatboy etc.


Yeah, the flood did take me 90 minutes. And there was one other big difficulty spike in the game. But I still enjoyed it a lot. Like I said upthread, I think what really enamored me to the mechanics is that even when it’s a scripted sequence like the flood rising, your actions are still determined by physics. Just little differences in timing can lead to big differences in momentum, which can mean life or death. There’s just something about that, the fact that it’s your fault when you die, that even in sequences where in other games they simplify the mechanics sometimes and hold your hand, but Ori refuses to do that. I just found that part of the charm.

I’m glad I finished it. Though when I tried to go back to get 100% after finishing it, I eventually petered out. I’m just not that type of gamer. Once I finish the main story, I guess I’m done no matter how much I try to fight against that instinct sometimes.


Indeed. There was one particularly section early on, before you get the double jump ability, where you have to leap from wall to wall avoiding spikes. This stonewalled me for many, many attempts (not helped by the autosave not giving me maximum health), and I would have given up had it not been my sister telling me “Oh I got through that fairly easily, you just have to keep at it”. Easy, eh? I’ll show you! So, reinvigorated, I pushed through it and finally made it. Getting to the top was a “fuck you, game!” moment, though, rather than any feeling of accomplishment.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who does that! If I play an open world game with dozens of hours of side-quests, I can work my way through them quite happily knowing the Big Bad is still out there, and that I haven’t finished the story yet. But once that main storyline is complete, I lose any incentive to keep playing it (as in ‘what’s the point now?’). It’s not a hard cut-off, I can still play it for a bit longer, but enthusiasm wanes pretty fast.


Finally finished it. Took me 12 hours in total.
It was damn challenging, that’s for sure. And now I don’t want to see another damn platformer for the next 20 years.

I also did not get all the sidestuff. Got all the skills, but left lot of ability/health/etc points, beelined it to the end.

And yeah like you guys, I also always leave main story for last in games, and once that is done, I am done. In this game though, meh going after the secrets.

I would say that any fan of the genre needs to play this, I am just not among them.


E3 trailer for the sequel:


As expected, it looks amazing.

But if it’s Xbone and Windows 10 store only… I’ll miss it. :(


This has been sitting in my backlog forever. I don’t even know how this ended up on my Xbox, whether it was a sale purchase or a GWG game. But I do know I got the definitive edition for free since I had the base game.

Well, I decided to dust this off and try it out a couple days ago, and wow, probably my favorite 2D sidescrolling platformer in years and years. This game is just gorgeous, and I love the difficulty spikes and move sets.

If this wasn’t a 2015 game it would be a contender for my top five goty games at the end of 2018.

Given some of the horrible platformers on the Xbox I didn’t expect much, but this game is such a treat for me I think the sequel just rocketed to the top of my day one purchase list.


I just finished this game. Fantastic experience through and through. I genuinely have no idea what the actual story is, but a lot of that probably has to do with the delivery method and the sporadic bursts of play I’d put into it.

Can’t wait for the sequel. My favorite platformer in years, and my favorite metroidvania of all time.


That was my interpretation of the ending, from upthread. I can’t be right though, since we’re getting a sequel, and Ori is still alive, apparently.

Also, it’s amazing to me that it took me 10 more hours to finish the game than @Paul_cze. Where did you fall in that range kerzain?


I try not to blitz these types of games. I like to meander and explore. I also don’t use fast travel because I enjoy traversing the map manually.


Nice, you took almost as long as me.

I never noticed that “Difficulty: Normal” thing before. Does that mean you unlock a harder difficulty when you finish the game maybe? I’ve forgotten details like that. Maybe I should go back to this game sometime and try it on a harder difficulty.

Edit: I just looked up my achievement, looks like I already got the one for finishing the game on Hard, so it must have been a choice at the beginning that I made.


But you only need one more green and one more blue thingy! You can’t stop now!


I’m not enough of a completionist to go back and get them… I’d have to re-install at this point. I have already uninstalled and started playing other stuff. I have the old 500gb model with an external hard drive, so I usually try to clear space as I go along.


Oh but that would eat at me. There’s probably an achievement for getting all the thingies too.

Anyway, you guys (and the impending sequel) reminded me that I own this game but haven’t played it.