Origin PC Premier: bug w/ Titanfall 2

Anyone got Origin PC Premier membership I can check with to test something buggy with Titanfall 2?


Origin Premier lets you update to the ‘best’ edition of games you already own and it has successfully worked for some titles EXCEPT for Titanfall 2, of which I have the Deluxe edition already on my account.

Got blown off by the useless EA Support with the non-understanding claim of “Deluxe is the best available” even though it’s offered as an upgrade inside the Origin client.

The product listing: https://www.ea.com/games/titanfall/titanfall-2/news/titanfall-2-ultimate-edition

Right-click on the Deluxe game and Upgrade is offered.

Upgrade and this is what appears: origin2

However, nothing changes and the Deluxe edition is all that remains on account, even after signing in and out. Anyone else have this problem?