Origin really isn't ready for prime time, is it?

I decided to fire up Kingdoms of Amalur, which I received for Christmas, and the first thing it wanted to do was install and log in to Origin. Which is fine, except that after walking through the account-creation page, it refused to log in.

Very well, I’ll reset the password on my just created account… and that failed as well, giving me a blank browser screen. As a last resort, I navigated directly to Origin.com, and attempted to log in there. Which also gave me a blank browser screen. No dialog asking for user name and ID, not even an error message, just a blank page. Same result in both Firefox and Internet Explorer.

That’s really sad. And frustrating, since it appears I can’t install the game. I assume that Steamworks games probably suffer from the same problem, but it’s never been an issue since I never get such a complete failure logging in to Steam. Sometimes the Steam servers get really hammered and it’s unresponsive, but nothing really comparable to this.

I do know the account exists, since I tried running through the account creation steps again, and this time it complained that my email address is associated with an existing account. I was really expecting an email requesting confirmation, but whenI can’t even reach the login screen on their web site, it’s clear the problem is a bit more than lack of confirmation.

Wait, Origin is still a thing?

Nope! Hence the blank page :-)

Perhaps are doing some type of maintenance.

I just launched it here, and shows a error message.

is working again.

the webpage generates a 503

Request URL:http://www.origin.com/es/about
Request Method:GET
Status Code:503 Service Unavailable

I can’t tell if the embeded browser is IE, but the actions buttons (like check Cart) are GET requests.
thats something you sould not do, probably… http://www.cs.tut.fi/~jkorpela/forms/methods.html

I had a similar experience when I first tried to use Origin. My old EA account was created way back when for either a Burnout game or The Sims 2. Either way, the old email was a bitch to disassociate from Origin. It included some weird merging process to get my game accounts merged into an EA account then transferred to the new Origin thing. Origin works now, but the process was inconvenient to say the least.

They’re just trying to emulate Steam, by going down every now and then.

While Origin is ugly piece of useless shit, I can’t say I had any big problems with it.
But I just checked it (I have it running alongside steam in the tray) and it says

“not available at the moment”

“reason can be maintenance or server overload blah blah”

First time I see this message, too.

Ubiplay is worse. I got a free copy of AC3 with a videocard and it took almost two weeks to get it working. Their site is horrible, and the ecommerce component of the website somehow isn’t linked to the application. It’s just horrible all-around.

Finally, they completely failed in redeeming my purchase. They ended up giving me a coupon code good for any game from Ubi, so I got the AC3 director’s cut.

I have been waiting for one of 2 things to happen with Origin:

  1. Become a solid , well-rounded service that is a worthy competitor to Steam.

  2. To crash and burn thus releasing all their exclusive titles to other platforms, like Steam.

I still not have played ME 3. I still have my ME1 and 2 saves on my PC. I also want to play the new Sim City game and I will not as long as it is an Origin Only title unless they get their shit together.

It loaded up just fine for me a couple minutes ago, so whatever problem you guys were having seems to be fixed. It was bound to go down for a bit sooner or later, not sure if that qualifies for not being ready for prime time. I’ve never had an issue with it before.

What does “get their shit together” even mean? The uptime is as good as any online service, and better than most. The games and the service work fine, the download speeds are better than Steam. What more do you need to play a game? Yeah, it sucks it’s another online service you have to install but as far as reliability and service it’s had it’s shit together for quite a while now.

And the login time is around ~8-10 times faster than Steam.

I’m hugely anti-DRM and I find Origin to a pretty smooth and painless experience.
I love the fact that I don’t even need to leave it running in the background in order
to launch my purchased games.

I don’t get the origin hate. It’s not on the level of Steam but it usually does it job without getting in the way most of the time. Uplay on the other end is really awful.

Given that this is my first experience with the service, I think “no login screen” leading to hate would be easy to understand.

My prime dislike for Origin is linked to one thing: EA.

There’s nothing in EA’s history that tells me it okay for me to trust the them as the gatekeeper to my digital games. Actually, it’s quite the opposite.


What game company is notorious for screwing over people? EA. No one else. It is not like they are just the worst of many companies who regularly screw over gamers. They have done so again and again and again.

What specifically bothers me about Origin? Last time I checked they totally rape your machine for information and totally watch all your web activities. Yeah Steam does have an opt in for looking at your machine. EA doesn’t even have an opt out.

I also wonder if and when EA decides Origin isn’t making enough money if they will be like, kthanksbye. Your games? SOL. Feel free to re-purchase them on Steam.

What happens if you buy a Steamworks games like Civ V and Steam is unavailable? Because the salient thing about this experience was that I have the CD for the game and can’t install it. If Steam is down and I want to play a Steam game I have already downloaded, no problem - I can still play in offline mode. But I don’t know what happens if you’re installing a game from CD.

I’m assuming you were trying this sometime within the last day, if so SimCity V might be your problem. The Origin authentication services have seemingly been choking and dying (and writhing around on the floor spewing blood) because of the massive turnout for the SimCity beta sign-ups EA’s been promoting today.

Although Origin has consistently been a pig of a program for me, and the storefront itself is a clunky and excruciatingly slow program to begin with, these problems have been exacerbated by today’s events.

So yea, it’s just not ready for prime time. Steam’s storefront will typically have a problem or two during their holiday sales, but it doesn’t come close to being the frustrating letdown Origin has been.

I play Kingdoms of Amalur through Origin too, and have so far had the good fortune of having no problems at all doing so. Same goes for both Dragon Age titles and Battlefield 3. I guess there may be some hiccups involved in getting a new account up and ready for business? Been a while since I did that. I have changed my account name rather capriciously though, and Origin has given me no grief about that.

Also, EA is notorious for screwing over people and no one else is? And they totally rape my machine? Jesus Christ dude.

I think a lot of the Origin hate is actually just Steam fanboy-ism.
For some reason Steam has managed to obtain a trusted position in the minds of
many gamers to the detriment of any other download service.
It’s really an impressive PR triumph.