Original Everquest?

Feel free to laugh at me, but does anyone here still play the original Everquest?

I have a sick/disturbing inclination to play it again, but I fear that I will be screwed trying to level, due to a lack of people to group with, etc.

If you still play or have played recently, is it even worth it to play?

I had considered it awhile back, until I remembered how long you used to have to rest to regain hp’s. That’s enough to keep me away.

That is one thing I am currently debating as well. That, and I know that you cannot solo crap. Which leads back to my question of…is there anyone on to group with even?

They’ve been making some pretty interesting graphic improvements over the past few years, and there are still around 200,000 EQ players (http://www.mmogchart.com/). From what I’ve heard, it also has a very robust and active community.

I still have an active account, just to occasionally pop on, see what’s new, chat with some old friends, etc.

I probably really should cancel though, as the number of people I know that are still there dwindles to near-nothing, and I haven’t seriously played for a couple years now. Hell, my main is still 65…

Edit: And I hate the new version of my home town, Freeport. :(

That was one of the positives bringing the game back into my interest. Some of the graphics do not look half bad.

Actually they largely addressed downtime by implementing different regen rates in and out of combat, just like WoW.

Not that I’m advocating playing everquest. I’d suck dick before playing everquest again.

It goes without saying that one would rather do something pleasurable than unpleasurable.

I’m pretty sure Jeff Green went back and played late last year. Uh… I think it sucked.

edit: I’ve been trying to Google up an article or something about it and can’t find one, so I think I might be mistaken.

No, you’re right, I remember reading that article in a magazine.

Edit: Article was in the January 2007 issue of GFW.

I can remember reading his old articles in 2000 and 2001. I loved when he would write about that game.

I enjoy his articles about WoW as well.

I’m sure you could play EQ again. The question is why? For the love of god, why?

I played EQ for quite a while, and never got my main past lvl 30 - I got sidetracked trying to farm silk to level up my tailoring, and ground spiders in EC (or was it WC?) until that game tasted like ashes to me.

I can’t believe I ever played a game where they forced you to sit and look at a spellbook for 5 minutes between battles. Even if they’ve changed that now, I want to punish them for that design decision by never playing another SOE game again.

And yet, somehow it seemed fun at the time.

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Like an idiot I held on to all my accounts but I did cancel my station pass a couple of years ago. If only I’d sold them in their heyday.

A lot of people still do play. It’s a shame they don’t do something drastic like scrap the engine completely, and redo everything from scratch but with keeping the same content. Apparently there is a LOT of very good, very cool, very fun stuff in the game. But, of course it suffers from an incredibly outdated engine.

I just talked to a friend who still plays. He noted that they have been systematically going through and updating the graphics, including all of the newb zones.

Regardless, I am taking the plunge. Say a prayer for me.

I loved EverQuest and even played it for three years. Kind of got disenchanted though when the game ate my level 59 shaman and the GM’s refused to help me.

I was hoping, like many others, that Vanguard would take up the EQ reins again … but yah…

Its not bad for them to keep updating EQ since it is out performing EQ2. I guess it goes to show that eye candy isn’t everything. As ugly as EQ is to EQ2, believe it or not, it had better game play and substantially fewer bugs.

I’d read somewhere that it’s now significantly more newb and solo friendly than it was back in the day.

Still, Why EQ1? EQ2 is much nicer and can be had with all expansions for under $40 (Echos of Faydwer package).

I have friends that still play often and I log in once in a while. The game has changed a lot in the last few years.

Downtime was addressed a while ago with the implementation of a resting state which activates automatically if your character or group hasn’t entered combat in the last 15 – 30 seconds (I don’t know the exact timer). On top of the rest state there are ass loads of spells which decrease downtime from mana regen to clicky heals. Most groups pull non stop these days.

It’s great fun if you have a steady group or guild. There is a mind boggling amount of content for casual to hardcore guilds. If you enjoy the group dynamics you might have fun with it.

I have no idea how painful it would be to level as a new player.

I installed the demo a few months ago. They have a whole zone with quests as a demo, (something to do with kobolds) and you can take your character into the real game if you decide to buy.

They levelling and combat was very slow. A fight took ages on a untwinked monk and levelling was very slow compared with the the Echoes of Faydwer EQ2 demo I played at the same time and WOW.