Original Everquest?

I have no desire to kill my fond memories of Everquest by playing the game.

You have a spellbook. You can memorize 8 spells at a time. Unless you’re a warrior, in which case you can hit the tilde key (you did remember to remap autoattack so as to prevent killing yourself in conversation with guards) and every 30 seconds, you can kick someone.

The game’s content was far better than the vehicle that ran it. Nothing in WoW excited me half as much as the first time I cleared Crushbone (best zone ever), but the state of the art has moved on.

I lead a 100+ RL person, family oriented casual raidinging guild. Not too hardcore, but not completely casual either. We raid end zone stuff that is 1-2 expansion back. Shoot me a PM if you want more info.

I played since 6 months after launch. I know all the cliches, nerfs and exploits. I’ve played just about every beta and released MMORPG out there. None of them come close to the completeness of EQ1. They are releasing the base game and all 13 expansions later this month for cheaper than you can download the existing expansion right now, something crazy cheap like $19.


You can play up to level 10 for free BTW:

Here’s the info on the new box set:

Heh, that reminds me of the time I was at a LAN center and watched somebody playing a high level tank (warrior) in an EQ raid.

He basically sat in front of the mob. His action bar had “bash”, “taunt”, “kick”, and something else (I forget). He didn’t even look at the screen - just sat there and read a comic book while his fingers drummed the 1/2/3/4 keys, and he’d look up every so often to see how the battle was going.

Lather, rinse, repeat. It looked like the most incredibly boring experience ever.

I remember trying a warrior on the closed WoW beta, and I was floored when I saw all the stuff the warrior could do. Different opening attacks, rage management, finishing blows, etc. I was blown away at how they advanced the state of the art.

I’m sure EQ has changed quite a bit since then, though.

To be fair, that’s pretty much what it was like to MT 90% of the raid encounters in WoW (at least back when I quit, right before Naxx came out).

I just made a macro that looked something like this:

/cast Revenge
/cast Shield Block
/cast Shield Slam
/cast Sunder Armor
/cast Heroic Strike

And then I pressed it over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Sometimes, if the fight allowed for it, I’d get to move around. Or hit my “Stance Dance and 'serker Rage” macro. But mostly it was just hitting the above macro. Worked pretty well.

Except, you know, you couldn’t actually do that with the macro system.

To actually compare WoW combat to EQ combat is laughable.

Actually, this is wrong. EQ warriors cannot sit and hit 1, 2, 3, 4 anymore. I know this because I watch my very good friend raid high end content about once a week. It is quite invlovled. There is positioning, script timing, split takning, dry tanking, rampage control, and now the addition of a shit ton of AAs and disciplines which are required or your warrior will go down.

I’d argue from the intro raid content and group content I’ve seen in WoW, Warcraft has a much larger margin of error. Teathered mobs and easy pulls abound in WoW.

Well, I have been playing it. Some of it is nice, the rest is bleh.

The hardest part has been adapting to the game again. I literally feel like a complete noob on a old game.

The game still has an immersive feel. A downside however, is not knowing where the hell to go or what to do. I find myself asking “Do I quest or grind…and if I quest…how the hell do I get quests???”

I am going to keep at it. I spent the money today and want to try and at least make that worth something.

Ever heard of a UI addon called SuperMacro? :)

In fact, you could go try this right now. Pretty sure it works even without UI addons. Or maybe it’s built into CTMod?

Anyway, the macro is pretty simple. It just goes down the list until it can actually execute one of the commands. Which is fine, as they’re prioritized to account for that. Depending on the fight, shield slam might be higher than revenge or lower than sunder armor. All a matter of rage, really. And when you’re on global cooldown (which I’m pretty sure shield block is exempt from), you queue up a heroic strike.

I never played EQ past level 15 or so, but this gels with some of the things I saw in WoW. The most competent player in my guild was a former EQ player. He used to rag on our hunters because they fucked up so many pulls, particularly the big 3-packs in BWL. One of the hunters said “Hey, I’d like to see you do better,” and he did just that. Embarrassed the piss out of them. Said it was “easy shit” compared to the pulls he used to do routinely in EQ.

I used to be part of a fairly successful raiding guild, which finally threw in the towel and disbanded last month. No real idea why as I didnt have access to their private discussion areas anymore. I do know most of the complaints in this thread have been dealt with though. As someone mentioned, they have drastically upped regen rates on hp and mana while out of combat, the spell book is a distant memory, etc, etc. I still have no interest in going back; even less so now my old guild is gone.

Also incidently that wow macro would not work anymore. They changed the way the macro system worked a few patches ago and macros can’t chain effects of even do an either/or test anymore so you can no longer make a macro that executes if the target dodges and tie it to your normal hit. However the built in scrolling combat text makes it quite clear when your target has dodged, of, if you are a rogue, when you have parried.

There’s no “either or,” and there’s no chaining of commands. All you do is predict ahead of time how much rage you’re going to be generating and prioritize your commands accordingly. The game simply goes down the list until it finds a command it can execute. Then it ends the macro.

What I posted was pretty much exactly what was in my “This fight is boring” macro, give or take some syntax errors (was there a / before cast?)

From what I’ve read they also changed the macro system so it wont go down a list anymore. If one command fails for lack of rage the rest are now ignored. The only exception to this is castsequence, which is a bit wierd to use but starts a chain of actions.

Yeah, that story about the ex-EQ player being a kick-ass puller doesn’t surprise me. Nothing improves your pulling skills like having bad pulls chase you all the way across the zone.

Heh. I started fighting something a bit ago, and I realized that this wasn’t WoW and that I was severely getting my ass kicked by a snake.

I broke and ran for about five seconds, then sat down to rest. I forgot that in EQ you need to RUN. Half a second later the bastard was tearing into me. I started running again, and kept turning to see the bastard following.

It took awhile to ditch him.

Remembers Unrest

/loving sigh

Wait - you installed a mod to play the game for you, and you’re complaining the game is too boring and doesn’t require interactivity?

Everything I’ve heard from recent returnees is positive. It doesn’t take too long to pick up AA / gear from what they say.

I received an IM the other day asking if my pocket magician was still camped in Vex Thal.

People are still doing Vex Thal now? That’s just masochism - there’s absolutely no reason to go back there now, even as part of progression.

Incorrect. The last month had ‘Fabled’ drops in all of Velious and Luclin, the best of which was found in Vex Thal. Was a LOT of fun and not nearly as tedious as you remember. The mobs were doable by a lot less well geared that the most uber guilds on a server, and many raids were done as pickup efforts with guilds working COOPERATIVELY. This is not your daddys EQ any more.

Even without that tho, there are clicky items with effects that cannot be found or are not as easily found anywhere else in game.

I spent the money today and want to try and at least make that worth something.

What server? If you need a hand figuring something out and are on tribunal shoot Kadath a /tell.
If not on Tribunal send it to ;tell tribunal.kadath

if that doesnt work, try ;tell thetribunal.kadath or do a /help ;tell to figure out what the hell the cross server tell command is, I dont get many so i never remember.

Alternatively there is the in game mail system if I’m not on. I could also be on my alt Ikzilla.


Did you try it?