Original Playstation = audiophile CD player?

Possibly crazy claims about the very first PS model being a top-class CD player:



And here’s a German dude’s account of building a vacuum-tube CD player around the guts of a Playstation (I don’t speak German, but the pics tell the story):


“That particular model allows audiophiles to use their own (expensive) audio cables to get “perfect” sound.”

“Michael was right. You shouldn’t even listen for the first three days. Both units need every second of the break-in period.”

Audiophiles are fucking crazy.

Yeah…A 10-year-old console needs breaking in?

I think what he means by break-in is related to their assertion that you should leave the power on all the time, not that it needs to be broken in like, say, a car engine. But either way, its still pretty crazy. A PS1 is as warmed up as it is ever going to get long before 3 days of on time and I can’t even imagine what they think it needs to be warmed up for… last time I checked there weren’t any vacuum tubes in the standard PS1s.

I heard the PS1 sounds best if you replace the crappy stock power cord with the Nordost Valhalla Bass extension and musicality are much improved.

Wait, that’s some kind of a joke site right? Nobody pays almost $3,000 for a power cord… right??

"Power delivery is the foundation for your entire audio system, and as for a power delivery cable with Nordost’s Valhalla namesake, you knew it wasn’t going to be cheap, right? Well, how does an audiophile justify a $2500 power cable purchase? Within seconds of hearing the Valhalla, you’ll know! Not just another step-up from the Shiva and Vishnu, the Valhalla transports your system performance into the stratosphere. You can read all the hype and reviews, but we recommend hearing Valhalla in your system. Music Direct keeps a couple around for audition purposes, you may have to wait to get your chance to hear them, but when you finally hear what they do…these are dangerous! "

Comedy gold.

I’ve seen people buy $200 Monster cables at Best Buy. These are just slightly more ridiculous with a slightly more ridiculous (and wealthy) market.

I know people who’ve spent $20,000 on an a single amp.

Yes, audiophiles are fucking crazy.

I got this Playstation stuff from an audio forum that I read for information’s sake, though I have sworn it off more than once.

There was a thread there once in which some forum members proposed that there probably isn’t an important difference in sound between a $2000 power cord and a $5000 power cord. You should have seen the raving fury that ensued.

I seriously and honestly believe that the whole audiophile market is a scam and it’s just the same parts with a higher price tag. The beauty of the scam is that when some non-audiophile is like “It sounds the same to me” the audiophile gets to feel all superior: “Oh, you can’t?”

Where’s Met_K? He needs to put the smack down on this shit.

It’s the whole Emperor’s new clothes syndrome. They all want to feel superior and justify their purchase, so they delude themselves into believing they can hear a difference.

Now, $5000 for a power cable - never mind the miles of shitty aluminum strung between the power poles, eh?

Linkies? I could use a laugh. ;)

Oh, please don’t make me go back and look…Well, OK, here’s one about power cords. It doesn’t degenerate into a total circus, but the armchair science being tossed around and the sheer gullibility factor should amuse.

Power Cord Shoot-Out: 16 Power Cords Reviewed

Check out the site’s music forum and its “Which Ringo Starr Solo Album Has The Cleanest Bass Sound?” threads if you really want to be irritated.

[edit]Oh, here’s their 40-page “Post Pictures of Your System” thread, which can be pretty amazing in several ways, including this one:

From the look of those cabinets back there, I think that was once a kitchen. And this one looks like a nice room, until you look a little closer at the side walls:

The rabbit ears make that picture.

I love the multi-grillion dollar components and speakers in the unfinished, untreated room. Or is that like “acoustical” fiberglass in the walls there?

It’s probably intentional to avoid echoes and such.

$2500 for a power cord seriously? That makes a $6000 PS3 seem like a fucking steal.

You’re talking about the sort of people who put sand bags on their interconnects and speaker wire to make sure vibrations don’t disrupt electron flow. (No, I’m not making that up).