Orion: Dino Beatdown

I don’t know what any of that means, it seems like a wave-based horde mode kind of thing.

Gameplay video

$6.75 each for a 4-pack. Anyone interested? If we play together I figure we can get a couple games in before it is forgotten forever.

I’m interested.

Interesting. Not necessarily 4-pack participation interesting, but interesting.

Shades of Section 8: Prejudice in this. Any idea if developer includes exiles from Timegate?

This guy?



Ugly. Boycotted.

Appreciate the detective work.

I mean, I don’t really care if a douche releases a great game, I’ll probably still play the game if it’s great. But it seems like his studio(s) are extremely troubled places and I can’t imagine they’re going to actually turn out something decent.

I hate kick-starter because is another thing that empower this type of rats. But I own a lot of EA games and a few Ubisoft games, and I have moral disagreements with these companies so my moral high ground is under the the sea level.

Edit: i dont know if the dude is inocent or not. Perhaps I have jump on my guns here, because of my bias against “ideas men”.

Wow, yeah im going to pass on this too, thats pretty low of the guy. thanks for the warning.

The game play trailer is a bit of a turn off, in that all of the combat seems to be of the running backward and plinking variety. Kiting hoards of monsters gets pretty old pretty quickly. Perhaps they just chose footage poorly. Anyone who has played it want to chime in?

Yeah, if I want this kind of action I’ll fire up Serious Sam.

I agree about buying a great game from someone with cocky or douche-like social issues, but I don’t think people should purchase a great game that is sold by people who ripped their employees off. Almost as bad as pirating to me.