Orson Beane, whose name doesn't have an E at the end, was not killed by a hit-and-run

I remember him on the all the game shows.

Never heard of this guy, but while the thread title may have been accurate at the time of posting (I have no way of knowing) it’s definitely not now. It was not a hit and run; per the article both drivers who struck him remained at the scene and the police don’t believe any crimes were committed.

For my entire childhood, my parents had one of his books, “Too Much is Not Enough,” on the family room bookshelf. I use that as a catchphrase to this day. Thank you Orson Bean.

Pretty sure he spelled his last name without an E at the end.

He was an Army buddy of my Dad, I was really excited when I met him as a kid…

Sad way to go out at 91!

Did anyone actually read the article?

There were two cars that tagged him, and both stopped. Not sure how this is a “hit and-run”

Being as old as I am, I remember him mostly as a panelist on old “guess who I am” game shows like “To Tell the Truth” and this rather silly Twilight Zone episode:

There are cars in Venice?

He must not have been in the old city. The greater Venice area has quite a few cars.

Funny, I assumed this was in Venice, California.

Yeah, this was Venice, greater L.A. area, California. There are canals there, but not as many as that other Venice.

I knew him best for his role as the mildly villainous Doctor Lester on the eighth-and-a-half floor in Being John Malkovich. “Meet me after work and I’ll spill my goddamn guts to you!” I loved him in that movie.

Apparently, per Wikipedia, his daughter married the late corpulent hate-slab Andrew Breitbart and Orson himself wrote some columns for Breitbart, so [eyeroll emoji].

So, should the title be updated.

Ha ha ha. That makes a LOT more sense.

So, to recap:

Bean, not Beane
Hit, not hit and run
Venice, CA not Venice, Italy

Still, a sad way to go.

@Woolen_Horde, so, updates?

@Woolen_Horde that’s hilarious.

This is strange considering the obit I read in the paper today said Orson’s dad was one of the founders of the ACLU… I guess politics are not hereditary though.