OS/2 discontinued

Oh no! Now we’ll be forced to use Windows… although IBM suggests Linux.

In the end, fewer than 80 customers held more than 10 licenses each. Heh.

Man, I used to love OS/2 back in the day, pre-Win95. I used OS/2 2.x for DOS and Windows development because it was A.) rock solid and B.) had a native port of Emacs.

OS/2 Warp was so much better than Win95.

Dude, I worked at a computer store where we attempted to sell OS/2 Warp.

No one could get the damn thing to work.

Is Brad Wardell around? He’s probably in mourning ;-)

I hold in my hands right now, and OS/2 for Windows CD (version 2.10). I glued on a disk of cork on the back, and ir makes for a nice coaster. To be fair, I’ve also got a Windows 95 Migration Planning Kit in my coaster collection as well.

I jus t installed os/2 warp on an older computer last week. sigh what could of been.

Shittiest CD-Rom hardware compatibility list EVAR.

OS/2 is used on the 3890 sorter at my work. It’s nice seeing a piece of hardware that’s almost $1MM using OS/2!

He’s still too heartbroken to speak, but he’s posted a lengthy OS/2 essay on his blog.