This looks interesting. Also: great title.

Edit: changed “incredible” to “interesting” once the cough syrup wore off.

What IS incredible though is the fact that this film was made in such a short time after the fall of the regime. And I really dig the lighting too.

No one saw this? I caught it the other day on IFC. Pretty damn depressing, but very illuminating.

One of my favorite things about Osama is that it got made. But it’s still pretty impressive.

For a similar and more topical story, I’d recommend Turtles Can Fly, which is more lyrical and brutal than Osama.


I saw it. The first time I saw it, I only saw the very end and for some reason I thought she committed suicide by drowning herself in a pot.

The next time, I watched it all the way through and while I was glad she didn’t commit suicide I was sad at what really had happened.