Oscar Nominations

Without seeing the flick yet I’d say hands down that NO-ONE deserves nods for anything, except for electrocution perhaps, if he happens to be Mr. Jennifer Connelly. :P

Evil gets a nomination where Lilya 4-ever didn’t? Bah!

I wonder about some of the catagories and the redundancy I see in some like sound and sound editing. Really whats the diffrence. A movie could have good sound editing but the resulting sound isn’t good enough to get recognized? Ummm whatever…

From Harvey Pekar, the subject of American Splendor, which received a single nomination (for best adapted screenplay):

“The Oscars are [expletive],” Pekar said. “Stuff that’s absolute crap wins the Academy Award, like that Forrest Gump.’ I couldn’t stomach that movie for two minutes. Schmaltz. Schmaltz wins the Oscar.”

I can see how they seem redundant. Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing a Sound Oscar go to the sound and the sound editing team.

Film sound is an extremely complex beast. The sound department has to get the right sounds, find them wherever they can be found, or create them somehow. Sound editing is all about getting the right mix, creating a real feel when putting the sounds together. Personally, I find sound editing to be a lot more involved but that’s just me.

When I was making my thesis film, I remember being underwhelmed at my footage when all I heard was the actors’ dialogue. Once I found the right sounds then mixed them as best I could, it really brought some of it to life (as much as a thesis film can be brought to life).

It wasn’t eligible this year. It was Sweden’s entry for last year’s awards but it didn’t get a nomination then either.

Why does the Academy nominate only 3 movies for Visual Effects, when virtually every other category gets 5 nominees? It’s not as if there’s not a lot of competition in this category; I imagine most people here can think of 4-5 movies that deserved to be nominated for, if nothing else, visual effects.

The three movies for visual effects is somewhat odd, though the winner is all but assured. Reminds me of 1983 when, instead of of nominating three films, they just awarded Return of the Jedi with a Special Achievement in Visual Effects Oscar.

FYI- Seven movies were finalists for the Visual Effects nomination this year and neither Matrix movie was among them.

The probably wanted movies with more than 3 colors in them.

It must be a comeback Oscar. I enjoyed the film and thought her acting was fine, but not something that would lift it to an Oscar nomination.

I know. That’s what I meant.

Wow, remember Bill Murray’s hilarious Golden Globes acceptance speech? The one about firing his agents and his personal trainer dying?

Well, turns out it was all true:

from imdb news.

Hollywood actor Bill Murray’s apparent jokes about firing his agent and his personal trainer committing suicide at the Golden Globe Awards have turned out to be true. The screen star accepted a Best Actor award at the Hollywood ceremony late last month for his efforts in acclaimed movie Lost In Translation - and proceeded to draw laughter when he told the audience he’d dismissed his agents “months ago” and his “personal trainer killed himself”. While many put the comments down to Murray’s dry humor, it turns out his agent Rick Kurtzman did “part company with Murray two months ago”, according to an assistant to the Creative Artists Agency representative. And his personal trainer Raphael Picaud took his own life in July, confirm friends of the French fitness guru, who ran the exercise studio Body Maxx Exclusive Training Center in Los Angeles.

Bumping this thread up after LOTR’s 11/11 run last night.