Oscars 2019 - Hostless with the mostest


I guess that’s one way to solve that problem.


Couldn’t they just get Pewdiepie or something?


I could do it, I GUESS. It would be worth it just so they’d stop calling!


Someone suggested the Muppets


The Oscar telecast has gone without a single host precisely once, 30 years ago. That broadcast lives in infamy: Producer Allan Carr and director Jeff Margolis mounted an 11-minute musical number to open the show in lieu of a host monologue. The opening gave us Rob Lowe’s version of “Proud Mary,” a duet with Snow White. Lowe is still trying to live it down.


Wow, that was just months after Lowe’s sex-tape-with-a-minor scandal. Times have changed. Or maybe not! Kevin Spacey should give the Academy a call and let them know he’s available.


I think the Oscars epitomize the decline and fall of Western Civilization. I scoff at this annual, self-indulgent, Champagne socialist, circle jerk.

And I would watch if the Spacey hosted.


I don’t think there are many even self-described socialists in Hollywood; they’re libs at best for the most part, and usually lip-service libs at that (like most libs). It is a huge circle-jerk, though. I remember my Great Oscars Awakening when Daniel Day-Lewis lost out for best actor in Gangs of New York to Nicholson for About Schmidt, and I went, “This is bullshit.”

I never watched it again.

EDIT: God, that was just 2002? For some reason I imagine GoNY as a mid/late-90s movie.


“She had a look on her face, if I remember correctly, of pain,” Martin Landau


And all of Hollywood wept.


I know. I hardly go to movies at all anymore, too.

I don’t know how they sleep at night.


Heh. I love Daniel Day-Lewis, but given those two performances, I would have picked Nicholson over Day-Lewis as well.


Well, then I’m not watching your awards show, either.