Ossu! Tatakae! Ouendan is Big F-ing Mouse

Tell me I’m not the only one playing this gem!

I flew into Narita on Wednesday, staggered to a game store in the airport and grabbed a copy. When I finally got to my new place around 10:30, I plugged in the DS and fired this one up.

This game is fantastic. Basically you play a, uhhh, roaming squad of male cheerleaders. Or something. All over Tokyo, people desperately need your help to solve various problems, ranging from winning the heart of a fair maiden by beating her father in a festival race to defeating that most pernicious of foes, persistent incontinence.

Every stage is a rhythm game done to a different licensed song. You tap spheres in time to the music. Timing and rhythm are key- both because you want to maximize your score/stay alive and because the person you are helping is counting on you! The top screen shows the various trials and tribulations your friend is going through, and how well they do in their respective quests is dependant on your success, or lack thereof. The stories are really fun, and when you reach certain milestones in each stage you get a brief cutscene that furthers each little vignette. It gives a sense of accomplishment without taking away from the action.

I’ve never actually suggested that anyone import anything before…it sounds kind of extreme, I know, but this is the most fun I’ve a had in a game in god knows how long. This kind of zaniness never comes to the States, and importing may be your only hope! This game is pure genius and I’d hate to see it go unrewarded.

Mark L

p.s. The last level is destroying my fingers, my eyesight, and my very soul, but I cannot give up! OUENDAAAAAAN!

You’re not alone! This game is awesome!

Here’s a video of one of the levels.
(You have to press the red button below the DS to see it play back.)


:shock: :lol:

By the way, that video is of one of the higher difficulty levels. The easy level (crew cut guy as captain) doesn’t require as much skill.

This is pretty much my favorite DS game, with Advance Wars Dual Strike a surprisingly distant second. I like how people from other stages have cameos, and of course the final stage.

Tidbit: at the end of each stage, the guys say “Ouen! Daiii-seiiii-kouuuu” which means “Assistance: Huuuge-Suc-cessss”. See, in Japan, the word for cheerleaders is derived from the word for help, whereas here it’s derived from being happy. And who says language doesn’t affect culture?

I’d say Ouendan is my favorite DS game as well. Great music, funny and engaging comics (even when you don’t understand the text), and the game mechanics match well with the music.

Oh, cool! I’ve adored the game but know zero Japanese; if you find out any more of the translation please share.



I don’t really know much Japanese myself. I can’t read it, and I only know common words and phrases, and I can look up words I hear in a dictionary.

But here’s another: right before you start tapping, they say “ikuze…san ni ichi” and then maybe “shuuren”. It’s hard for me to tell…actually it sounds like one guy is saying one thing while the other two are saying another, plus they’re saying the word as fast as they can.

Anyway, the easy to hear part is “Let’s go! 3, 2, 1” and if it is “shuuren” at the end, I think it means “drill”, as in “choreographed routine” not “hole making”. That would make sense, if in fact that’s what they’re saying and I’m translating it right.

Kitsune is probably reading this and laughing.

I am still waiting for my copy to come from play asia :(

Its been almost 3 weeks now.

Got mine from ncsx.com

They’ve been pretty good to me, but I’ve only gotten this and the Katamari sequel from them.

Got mine from Play-Asia in about a week. Sorry it is taking so long. :(

I’m sure you’ll enjoy it when you get it.


Do they ship from the US or is it also overseas shipping?

EDIT NM they ship from NYC. Good stuff. They have some hot action figures.

I should be getting my copy from P-A next week. So excited :).

This game looks utterly awesome.

Play-asia got my copy to me pretty quick–I’d ordered it based on the impassioned selling in the other thread. And I have not been disappointed.

I was hanging a picture the other day, and fumblehammered my thumb. Before this game, I would have just swore. This time I yelled OUENDAAAAN!!! I think it helped more.

So there’s no translation issues, fer real…

I mean, are you telling me I’m really going to buy this?

Nope, no Japanese required at all. Yes, you are buying this.

Shouldn’t it be “F-ing Big Mouse” not “Big F-ing Mouse”?

Netnerdishly nitpickily yours,

The only desire I’d have for a translated version would simply be for the text in the comic-book panels–and even then part of the charm is making up your own dialogue for the scenes.

I was hanging a picture the other day, and fumblehammered my thumb. Before this game, I would have just swore. This time I yelled OUENDAAAAN!!! I think it helped more.

You cannot possibly imagine how tempted I have been to roar this in various places in Tokyo…One kinda funny thing…I was buying the second song’s single* from a record store in Musashi Sakai when the cute girl** selling it to me starts speaking rapidly and pantomiming a DS stylus in motion. When she slowed down a bit I picked up a few things she was saying, she was telling me how cool the game is! So there you have it, this game has the cute Tokyo record store girl seal of approval!

  • “Melody”, I believe, from 175R
    ** All Tokyo girls are cute, record store girls doubly so. I think it’s a universal law at work, there.

I want this game sooo bad. It costs and arm and leg to order it from here, though. The best price I could find was about $50, but then I would have to pay about 30% extra in VAT, customs etc. on top of that. :(