Ossu! Tatakae! Ouendan is Big F-ing Mouse

This game is awesome. No doubt.

Now whenever anything bad happens at work, I yell “OUENDAN!!!” at the top of my lungs.

Sadly, as of yet, no mysterious musical pep squad has appeared to solve my problems.

Dude, 175r is in this game? I effing love 175r!

OMG I got my copy today! I am sooo happy I cant wait to bust this thing open.

Is there a complete song list somewhere that I could look at?

Is this thing going to eventually be released in the US?

Prolly not.

Stage - Artist - Title

Dodgeball - Tomoyasu Hotei - Thrill
Egyptian Queen - Linda Yamamoto - Neraiuchi
Festival Race - 175R - Melody
Ghost - Hitomi Yaida - Over the Distance
Gym Teacher - B’z - Atsuki Kodou no Hate
Meteor - L’Arc en Ciel - Ready Steady Go
Noodle Chef - The Blue Hearts - Linda Linda
Offlice Lady - Morning Musume - Koi no Dance Site
Policemen - Orange Range - Shanghai Honey
Politician - Road of Major - Taisetsuna Mono
Potter - Nobodyknows+ - Kokoru Odoru
Racehorse - Ulfuls - Gattsu Daze
Salary-MAN - The Yellow Monkey - Taiyou ga Moeteiru
Student - Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Loop & Loop
Violinist - Kishidan - One Night Carnival

Not definitive-- could be some mistakes.

Since all the songs are Japanese pop songs, in Japanese, and the game’s mechanics are tightly tied to the music, I’d say no. I’d love to be proved wrong though.


Just out of curiosity, why is that a barrier to entry? Don’t rhythm games do pretty well over here, in general? DDR is awfully popular, and it’s full of J-Pop.

Thank you, Matt.

I don’t think narrative-driven music games have done well in the US. Not counting DDR, most other music games advertise to potential buyers songs or bands they are familiar with. So Ouendan has two strikes against it.

It is also a music game about MALE CHEERLEADERS.


DDR also has a lot of techno that’s popular in the US in it.

This game is fucking nuts. I was having a bitch of a time with it till I figured out that there was an easy mode. Good shit so far I just need to hone my l33t skillz.

Well, yeah, that’s true, I guess. Still, I can’t imagine how anyone could watch that video of O!T!O! in action and not want to play, unless they hate fun.

Well, yeah, that’s true, I guess. Still, I can’t imagine how anyone could watch that video of O!T!O! in action and not want to play, unless they hate fun.[/quote]

No big muscley men shooting things, I guess.

How hard is it to navigate the menus and stuff in this game? Tell me exactly what to do, because apparently it’s going to take longer than I thought for PA to get it to me, and I want to be ready to just dive right the hell in.

Na its not hard to get in to the game at all really. I just tapped a few things and started playing. Though like I said I picked hard mode first and I had no friggin clue what was going on. Easy mode is the second choice on the second menu… its the guy with the bandanna on his head not the dude with the big hair.

Ok so I’m playing now. I’m getting the hang of the game itself, but I’m on the second level (or at least, the one I’m doing second), and I can’t figure out what’s going on. It’s the one where the guy is towing some kind of rickshaw with the Ark of the Covenant on it or something. Please tell me what this is.

Hey, are you sure the short haired guy is easy? And how many squads are there? Just those two and the girl one that I guess you get after you clear it with those two?

And has anyone tried the mutiplayer? Boy do I want to.

From what I could tell, and I could be completely off base, there are two sort of teams that are doing a race - Red and Blue. These might be different families too, or something. Anyway, a guy from the blue team falls in love with a girl from the red team, and someone else from the red team (her father?) tells the blue guy that he can have the red girl if he beats him in a race.

I loved this game. I played it all weekend and beat it. Man, what a rush. If only this thing was imported by somebody smart enough to see its promise. Every song in this game was sheer gold. Damn the American masses and their naivete.