OSX problem with Netgear PS & Canon Printer

I posted this over @ Macworld.com a while back and didn’t get too far with it, maybe someone here can help:

So, I’ve got a Cannon i990 and a Netgear print server. I’ve got the print server hooked up, but there’s one little problem: there’s no printer driver for the i990 on the pull down list after I type in the IP address for the print server in PrinterSetup. I’ve got a whole slew of Cannon BJC printers that do show up, but none of the drivers work worth a damn.

When I connect to the printer via USB, everything is hunky-dory, so obviously there’s a driver there someplace. For giggles, I installed the driver off the disc that came with the printer.

Anyone got any clues where I can point the Add Printer setup to get a working driver?

This advice isn’t going to really help much, but what I would do is look around the HD. Look in applications, etc. I had a problem locating a driver on OSX before I had 10.3.9 and I basically had to look in every folder I could open and sure enough, it was where it shouldn’t be. I don’t know if it mistakenly put itself there or if somebody moved it, but it wasn’t where it should be.

Poke around, and good luck!

I’d try to catch and remember the name of the driver and then do a Spotlight search for it.

Is this the PS101 or a different one? If it’s the PS101, save yourself some time and return the fucker.

Spotlight yields nothing, and if it’s buried on the drive, it’s really freakin’ buried.

I think I’m gonna go through every Canon driver and see if there’s one that fakes it real well, or just get an airport express.