OU football down the toilet

The other problem with those stats (at least in the past) is that someone who transfers is a mark against the school he left, even if he graduates from the school he goes to.

The OU QB and his dad should be pissed at themselves (the sone for being a moron and the dad for not being aware). A few years back, both were on a committee about ethics in ametuer sports (according to Kevin Blackinstone who was also on the committee, which he brought up on today’s Around the Horn).

Maybe the son is being “sacrificed” to save the program, but that doesn’t make the son and dad any less hypocritical.

Duke, my alma mater, is right where I’d expect it to be, in the top 10 for graduation rate. Note that Duke football is never ranked in the top 10 for quality of play. This is not a coincidence.

Before you say “But what about basketball?”, remember that it’s a lot easier to field a smart basketball team (with a total roster of 10-15) than a smart football team (with a roster around 100). There just aren’t enough academic all-American football players to go around. Schools that really believe in student athletes will rarely if ever be competitive in football with those that don’t.