Our favorite valedictorian gets the boot!


The valedictorian who sued so her classmates could not be co-valedictorians gets the boot from Harvard.

And she skipped her graduation ceremony? What kind of valedictorian is that?


How much you wanna bet she and her judge daddy are going to sue Harvard now?

Heh, with that plaigrism charge against her, she might have to settle for a school like Vassar.

“Oh no, not Vassar!”

“I’ve had just about enough of your Vassar bashing!”

Then again, I’d think the entire Ivy League would treat her like a pariah now. Maybe a Seven Sisters school? I work with a girl who’s going to Barnard right now, they may be forgiving.

I was just thinking the same thing - They will claim damages because they waited so long that its too late for her to accept admissions from other schools or some such crap. I can’t believe she is trying for 2.7 million in damages for the fact that she might have had to be a co-valedictorian.

Ugh, the plagarism hook. They could have found a clearer way…

What a bitch. She needs a dry slap.

If she had spent more time working as a Sausage, maybe she would have a better perspective on life.



That was a great article as well…

Do those petitions ever go anywhere or is just another place on the net to bitch?

Is McCullough suggesting this was a frame up?

Just a place to bitch.

So her suit to become sole valedictorian ended up costing her her admission into Harvard. And, if the investigation turns up a history of the same behavior in her schoolwork, they may retroactively change her grades.

Dang, I bet she’s real happy she started all this.

There’s definitely a lesson in here about whether being a bitch gets you ahead in life.


doesn’t this make you feel warm and fuzzy inside? :lol:

It would be poetic justice if they retroactively give her zeros on all of her questionable work, and it drops her GPA enough that she failed a couple classes. Then she would have to go back to school so that she could graduate.

Even better, years down the road, as she attempts to join The Real World ™ and get a job, and she gets turned down on her applications by various HR people who remember her capers, because they don’t think she would get along well with others.

Ah, the perfect universe in my mind’s eye…

Just to clarify the cause of the suit for the benefit of those who may not have read the first thread we had on this. She is “disabled”. For the past two years she has stayed home and had tutoring in all her course work. Going to school made her “fatigued”. I still question this disability as well as she was able to write stories for local papers, start a charity organization, travel the world but she could not make it to school.

Because she was disabled she was not required to take PhysEd - and she replaced it with an additional honors course. Her honors course awarded a higher percentage to her GPA and she graduated with a 4.x. As every other student at the school did not have the option to drop PhysEd and thereby achieve the average she could she had the highest GPA. The school decided to give the other student with perfect marks co-valedictorian - and this girls family sued the school to have her made the sole valedictorian.

I just love that Harvard did this…Just makes me feel like there is some justice in the world.

As stupid as her suing was, booting a 17 year old out of harvard for this plagarism is stupider. Mind you, I think the entire concept of plagarism as practiced in the US (rephrase, and it’s just fine!) is kind of dumb.

I still can’t find a better description of this immune defiency of hers. A federal judge gave her the sole valedictarion, though.

Accepting a 17 year old, who sued her school to be A-Number-1-All-American-Girl, to Harvard, is even stupider.

Well, if her work for the paper wasn’t in the extra-curricular activities section of her Harvard application, maybe. But I bet you it was. And it “happened” on five separate articles. To me, it’s representative of a character that was looking to collect bullet points for a college application.

Note that since Harvard won’t officially comment on the matter, we don’t know the exact reason for the rescinding. The unnamed source says plagiarism, but maybe they just would rather not have to be careful how they handle her for four years lest they get sued. The stakes, after all, are much higher.

Final note: spelling “plagiarism” correctly does not constitute plagiarism of the dictionary.

Here’s the text of the decision. KM is the guy that they wanted to name co-valedictorian.

With respect to Kadri’s allegation that plaintiff withdrew from in-school classes in order to protect her high G.P.A., plaintiff notes that she withdrew from two classes, with the school’s permission and, in both cases, withdrawing actually lowered her G.P.A.

Despite Kadri’s implication that plaintiff’s father hand-picked her home instructors, Mr. Hornstine responds that the only teacher he referred was Mr. O’Neill, plaintiff’s Latin teacher, because no Latin teacher at the school was willing to teach home-bound students.

And the kicker:

Moreover, a comparison of plaintiff’s transcript with that of K.M. reveals that he had a mathematical advantage over plaintiff. Statistically, he took more weighted courses than plaintiff. In the four years at Moorestown High School, plaintiff took 8 AP courses whereas K.M. took 10, and plaintiff took 15 Honors courses while K.M. took 12. AP courses are weighted more heavily than Honors courses. An AP class is worth one grade point more than a standard class, and an Honors class is worth one-half grade point more than a standard class. For example, an A+ in standard Latin is a 4.3; an A+ in Honors Latin is a 4.8, and an A+ in AP Latin is a 5.3. Since K.M. completed 2 more AP courses than plaintiff, and she completed only 3 more Honors classes than he, compared to him, plaintiff was at a weighted course disadvantage.

In other words, the “she had an advantage due to more AP courses” thing is completely wrong. On my reading of the decision, this looks suspiciously like the school admin finding a way to give a favored student co-valedicatorian status.