Our Friend Arafat

Many things I did not know.


Not that I don’t believe Arafat could do any of these things, but I do wonder about the source. This is the ex-Russian spy who also says the Russians have hidden all of Iraq’s WMD?

I am always leary of what high level defectors report. It was high level Iraqi defectors who reported on the presence of nuclear weapons programs in Iraq and look how accurate those reports were.

Terrorism has been extremely profitable for Arafat. According to Forbes magazine, he is today the sixth wealthiest among the world’s “kings, queens & despots,” with more than $300 million stashed in Swiss bank accounts.

You did not know this? Hans Gruber makes a brilliant joke about this early in Die Hard, when he compliments someone on his Savile Row suit, noting that “Arafat buys his there.”

Andropov thought that Vietnam-weary Americans would snatch at the smallest sign of conciliation to promote Arafat from terrorist to statesman in their hopes for peace.

And today, Sep11/Afghanistan/Iraq-weary Americans are snatching at zero signs of conciliation to promote Arafat in the same manner. As the French say, Plus ça change…plus c’est la même chose.

The KGB always regarded anti-Semitism plus anti-imperialism as a rich source of anti-Americanism.

I’m glad he uses that last phrase, rather than the more popular euphemisms “international restraint,” “bipolarity,” or “diplomatic solutions.”

“You simply have to keep on pretending that you’ll break with terrorism and that you’ll recognize Israel – over, and over, and over,” Ceausescu told him for the umpteenth time.

Ceausescu has just gained a lot of points in my book – the man clearly knew his shit. This strategy has outlived the man by a good long while, and shows no signs of failing anytime soon.

Carter hailed Ceausescu, dictator of the most repressive police state in Eastern Europe, as a “great national and international leader” who had “taken on a role of leadership in the entire international community.”

No big deal there – we’re about one Arab Congress away from saying the same of Ghaddafi.

The current administration sees through Arafat’s charade but will not publicly support his expulsion.

The tragedy is that the Palestinians do not seem to see through it. But wait a second — a recent man-on-the-street interview revealed:

“We don’t like Arafat. We know he has corrupt people around him. We know he is old and wants to be an obstructionist. But he is our problem, not Israel’s. If someone is going to remove him, it would the Palestinian people, not the Israelis,” said a Palestinian man who asked to be identified only by his first name, Ahmed.

The KGB file on Arafat also said that in the Arab world only people who were truly good at deception could achieve high status.

See you at Sbarro, Ahmed. All I ask is that you make it quick.