Our one free Friday and there is shite in theaters!

So my wife and I have a sitter, she does not work, and Gigli and Uptown Girls is out. Summertime action flicks (Pirates/SWAT) are great and all, but I want to see something a little more substantive.

Tomb Raider, Freddy v. Jason, SpyKids 3D,…sheesh! Freaky Friday!!! I guess Seabiscuit is The best film no one’s watching size=2[/size], but I am not buying it.

Maybe I am just being too picky, but this seems to happen with disturbing frequency. I am pretty sure it is a Bush administration plot. Haliburton and Wolfowitz’s prints are all over this.

Thanks for listening.


Seabiscuit is worth watching.

I know. I know. I was pretty sure that would be the consensus here and it seems to be the best (at least critically) of the lot. The down-on-his-luck horse, the economic conditions in the US, the troubled pasts of the jockey, owner and trainer…something the country got behind then and we can all appreciate and look back on with wonder and awe. I still cannot get excited about it. On video…I’m all over it, but at the theater I want to see something that I am not expecting. I want to be surprised.

Possible Spoiler:
Sea Biscuit wins, I bet.

Yea, yea, yea…it is the journey that makes the film good, but I want to go to castles in Europe or shot into outer space when seeing a film and Sea Biscuit seems to be more of a Sunday drive through the countryside.

I hear Le Divorce is good.

SWAT was decent.

Pirates was awesome… not just a fluffy movie.

Pirates will take some persuading. OTOH, the wife loves Colin Farrell. (Probably because I am rugged and have the same devil-may-care attitude)

The whole “cop getting one last chance” angle and Samuel L Jackson/Morgan Freeman in every 2nd film released makes me sleepy, though. There are other black actors out there than can play head-honcho-in-charge policemen, right?

See Pirates. You won’t be sorry.

Odd. Pirates is extremely popular with the ladies Tyjenks. Some magazine did an article that said it was more popular with women then men, saying that women were coming back to it again and again and men were watching, I dunno, SWAT or Bad Boys II, or something. That elf guy and Johnny Depp and the whole swashed buckles thing really appeals.

Really, just sit down and do the convincing. It’s a great flick for people of all genders.

It’s because of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. That and, I don’t care what anyone says, women love the man coming to the rescue of a lady type stories more than men.

Sure, there’s Kira Knightley, but, she was only 17 when she made the movie.

Bub, I may quote you during the convincing process if it is OK. In fact, I am going to use my own, abbreviated movie trailer quote version below:

She was only 17? Damn. Then she’s gonna look like the Old Hag of Biggerbottom at 30, if she ages at her current pace.

That’ll do it for sure, TY! Maybe we can tell our wives this regarding every movie we want to see, from now on!

SeaBiscuit, Pirates and Finding Nemo are all worth seeing. Bend it Like Beckham was re-released also and is excellent if you haven’t seen it.

Not in Birmingham, Alabama it wasn’t re-released. :wink: Actually, I bet I would have been hard pressed to find it on it’s initial release here.

Saw Nemo. It was good.

If I cannot get enthused about Sea Biscuit, it will most likely be a non-starter with the old lady.

Just spoke to the wife and it looks like Bub’s orgasmic suggestion of Pirates is going to win out after all.

Thank you all for your input. Maybe I will be rewarded with some inputting myself. Wink, wink. Nudge. nudge. Know what I mean?

Bend it like Beckham is worth seeing, and Open Range opened today, it is getting ok reviews.


Yikes, that kind of quote seems appropriate for an entirely different class of movies. Like… Privates of the Caribbean Queen, Spy Kids 38DD: Game On or Vibrator 3: Rise of the …

Not in Birmingham, Alabama it wasn’t re-released. :wink: Actually, I bet I would have been hard pressed to find it on it’s initial release here.
Dude, what kind of hillbilly Orca loving movie houses do you have there? Freaking Little Rock had Bend it like Beckham (just went off this week). Do they have indoor plumbing where you live? :lol:

As it turns out, Bend it Like Beckham was here. It also turns out we had sitter issues which messed up my plans. We fell into The Italian Job and it was really good. The best laid plans…

Anyway, Charlize Theron is hot. Seth Green was fairly funny. The wife like Mark “Don’t call me Marky Mark” Wahlberg. Mos Def, Ed Norton and the Snatch Transporter were good. Fun was had by all.

OK, you didn’t want to see Seabiscuit because it wouldn’t be a “surprise”, so instead you saw The Italian Job.

Just checking.

Did I not just say our plans got changed? :P We had to take what fit our window.

Is it me? Its him right?