Our one free Friday and there is shite in theaters!

No, it’s you.

Your main complaint about SEABISCUIT: “The horse wins in the end, right?”

So you didn’t know whether Marky Mark and his mad Krew would pull the heist successfully or not at the end of IJ?

(BTW–I liked IJ fairly well also, but given the chance to see either for the first time on a big screen, I’ll take the long, lingering, lovelye cinematography of SEABISCUIT 7 days a week and twice on Sunday.)

-Sitter was late
-We had to go to a later movie
-We had dinner and had 1 hr. and 30 mins. to kill before The Italian Job
-It would have been 35/45 mins. longer for Whisker Biscuit or Pirates
-We chose the 9:45 showing rather than the falling asleep in the lobby of the theater
-It was the Italian Job, Uptown Girls or Freaky Friday at the earliest of the later showings

My arguement regarding Seabiscuit still stands. The Italian Job was harmless fun which was a, “Hell let’s just go see this one” choice rather than waiting for the Cinemataographic triumph which is Sea Bizkit.

Yeah and I guess nobody should watch Rocky just because you can tell that he wins in the end.

Oh, wait.

I’m just saying, at least if you saw Freaky Friday your post afterwards would have been more interesting.

Lilya 4-ever, if it’s available. I better check if it’s been reviewed in the Alabama Hillbilly the last week or so. Hmm, doesn’t appear that way, sorry :(