Out of Eight

Anyone know what is up with James Allen? I like his site because his reviews are usually aligned with my own tastes, and he sucks at strategy games almost as much as I do.

He hasn’t updated the site since his review of Imperator back in April, where he usually had one or two new games up a week.

Hope he’s OK.

He tweets pretty often, so likely things are okay.

That’s good to know, anyway.

He’s the one other person I think who reviewed a tiny little indie game I really loved called “The Trouble With Robots.” Shout out.

I used to love his reviews back in the day.

Then he switched to video. RIP.

Sorry mate, some of us have busy lives and moving to video has helped us balance life with content generation.

As for James Allen, I took a closer look at his Twitter, and it seems to be pretty much just game announcements and not much else these days.


Wonder what’s going on.

I just checked his YouTube page and it is the same - no reviews after Imperator:Rome. He only has 3k subscribers, probably due to his fairly dry delivery.

No more, “Hello Internet”?

His delivery was reserved, which appealed to me. Can’t tolerate those precious or too talkative types, being a reserved Yankee mahself. Too often James reviewed games that were obscure or ones I would not be interested in. I wonder how he chose the games he reviewed.

I too appreciated that his gaming skills were somewhat average.

Fair enough (and I hope it’s working out well for you), but I don’t watch video reviews for that exact same reason - a written review gives more information in vastly less time.