"Out of the Game" All-star podcast

There doesn’t appear to be a thread about this yet, but I assume I just missed it.

Robert Ashley, N’Gai Croal, Shawn Elliott, Jeff Green, and Luke Smith have an occasional-to-semi-regular podcast called Out of the Game. The second episode was released last week, but I haven’t gotten around to listening to it yet. If the first episode is any indication, they are going to cover a lot of non-game territory, but they appear to be coming in with a bit of a plan. There was very little of the Shawn-driven anecdotes that turned some qt3 readers off of the Brodeo. There was also very little Jeff Green, so hopefully he has a more stable connection and participates more in the future.

I would suggest that you shouldn’t listen to Out of the Game if you’re not into Shawn’s elaborate metaphors, the first episode opens with one and contains a couple more.

Personally I love them.

It’s covered in the all purpose gaming podcast thread.

I recall it coming out swinging with an Elliott scatecdote. Which in that context ended up being funnier for it.