Out of the Park 21, Baseball fanatics and Perfect Team Junkies Report March 20th

I got this one!

Perfect team is an online mode for OOTP where you manage a team online against other people. The games are simulated on OOTP’s servers, every 30 minutes (from 10 AM to 1 AM), M-F. Saturday and Sunday are playoffs and the crowning of a League Champion. Then it starts all over again the next Monday.

You earn PP (Perfect Points) for various achievements of your team. You can spend those to purchase more packs or to purchase individual players in an Auction House (where the players for sale are all placed by other people).

As @vyshka mentioned, they use a promotion/relegation model like soccer, so teams that do really well advance to higher (more difficult) leagues, and teams that do really poorly go down to easier competition. So the theory is that you’re competitive with your peers.

They added 2 new league levels this year I think, with the new perfect level being exactly one league and the winner of that being the overall champion of Perfect Team.

What I hate is doing well enough in Diamond to make the playoffs, and then finding yourself in Perfect and being perfect point bait for everyone else :)


I miss all those OOTP leagues and FOF leagues I used to be in…this might be a fun challenge.

Is there are league that isn’t pay to win, such as you can only get players with the points you earn?

I think there are some tournaments that are being run like that, but I don’t know how they enforce it other than honor system.

One thing I’d like them to add if they haven’t already in 21 is the ability to mass open packs.

That’s a bummer. I don’t think I can get into it if I know someone is willing to drop a bunch of money to get a good team.

The classic style of OOTP (not perfect team) has a good number of awesome on-line leagues that are based on skill, not spending.

That is probably what would suit me more but I probably wouldn’t join one unless I knew the people in it. I’m not much of an online player so it takes a lot to get over the hump to participate :-)

Yes there is! I am participating in a virtual league in OOTP21 called “Our League “… Not a very imaginative name but you get what you get. The rules are that you can only be a free to play team, which means the only PP you can use are the PP you earn from your team’s achievements. You are not allowed to purchase PP for your team. In addition, this league does not allow the use of Live cards, just historical. It’s a ton of fun, IMHO, and kept me engaged a lot longer than I would have played if I’d just been in a random league (since I am unwilling to dump large amounts of cash into a team).

How it works is that you friend other players who have OL teams, and if everyone friends everyone else and selects the “use friends list” placement for leagues you end up placed with other OL teams at your level.

Even though you are placed in a league with non-OL teams, we track your record versus other OL teams only so our standings are based on those records.

Of course, you don’t end up in a league with just OL teams but over time more people will join this league and you’ll get close. In fact, last year, there was a perfect league that had just OL and free to play teams in it for a long while.

There is a thread in the OOTP forums about the league: https://forums.ootpdevelopments.com/showthread.php?t=311534

If you have any questions feel free to ask me!

There’s no requirements to prevent people from joining except for the fact that you cannot have spent money purchasing PP for your team… So if anyone else is interested, feel free to check out that thread.

That’s clever! I’ll have to consider that if I pick up OOTP 21. I usually wait for a big sale because I usually just play OOTP for a short while before I move on.

Thanks for letting me know!

Oh yeah. I’m very much in again this year.

One team, the Atlanta Phoenix, is focused on collections while my Cigar City Lagers are focused on tournaments, though both teams will dabble in both. We’ll see which one turns out to be the better strategy.

Have they not set it up so people can create their own tournaments yet? I thought that was one of the big sells of tournaments

No. Tournaments are only initiated by the dev team and come on a recurring schedule.

How is it that players with a 95+ rating only cost 5-10k in the auction house? It actually makes me want to play Perfect Team less just because I like opening packs and it’s so clearly not the right thing to do.

Not all 95 rated players are alike! Throw out a couple of names and I will tell you why they’re not more expensive. Also, 10k is not chump change for most people, especially if you’re free-to-play.

Ripping packs is for thrillseekers - most of the time you don’t get much but once in a while you hit the jackpot. If you’re just opening a couple of packs you should treat it like buying lottery tickets - you won’t win but it’s fun to try!

I really wish they would improve the auction house interface. Give me some filters like Football Manager uses.

Having used OOTP the past two years, it’s clear to me they don’t have much of anyone involved with UI/UX for the Perfect Team product. It has a lot of usability issues.

Half the time I blow points on packs, because using the AH is so painful.

Continuing a rather desultory single-player playthrough with the Padres. I’m not wholly feeling it as I went back late last year and spent a lot of time with the previous game, so the interval between spells of heavy playtime has been a little too short.

11-5 at the moment, on the back of crazy hitting by the heart of the order (Tatis, Machado, Myers) which won’t last and their inevitable regression to more realistic stats will probably mean a tough month at some point. Main lineup changes have been trading for Nick Solak (2B) from the Rangers and Adam Haseley (CF) from Philly, who should both come good later in the year.