Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


I’m thinking of starting a second team. Do I need to use a different email address or something?

EDIT: Yes, I do.


Ugh, my Gold (“old timers”) team has the second-worst record in the league and will, I assume, be relegated. Rats!

My Silver (“all Boston”) team didn’t do much better; last in its division. But at least I hope to avoid relegation, as I’m 6th or 8th worst in the league, something like that.

I will be glad when this season is behind me!


May the best Qt3ite win!

I won’t see the results until I get home tonight but it looks like we’re facing off in S262.


They posted some clarification on how friends work as far as getting matched in leagues:

“(I hate tagging everyone, but I’ve been asked this question enough times that I need to clear it up once and for all). FRIENDS FEATURE - If you want to stay in your league, select STAY PUT (your league # might change, but anyone who picks STAY PUT should remain together as long as they remain at the same level). Any remaining spots in the league will be filled by random teams or potentially by matching friends list users of a matching bucket size. If you select USE FRIENDS LIST, it does not guarantee that you will be matched with all your friends at the same level. Friends are placed into buckets with other matching friends and are then assigned to a league with the available space. So, the only way for 30 people using friends to be placed in the same league would be if ALL 30 teams had the EXACT SAME 29 friends and no others. The script tries to match as many friends together as possible, but as I said, its unlikely that you will be placed with ALL of your friends at a particular level. REMEMBER BEING FRIENDS NEEDS TO BE MUTUAL TO WORK (use the #friends-list channel to find people). As always, if you want random, then select random. Hopefully this clears up some of the confusion surrounding the feature.”


Yep! Good luck.



Hmm, so should we all be selecting Stay Put? Doesn’t really apply to me as I’m facing relegation anywy!


knock on wood… im on the other side of the lagers vs expats in playoffs. My Buzzsaws are playing clutch baseballl! Manny Machado and Manny Ramirez having good postseasons!


I am up 2 games to 1 in the Sub-League series (B342). Got thumped 7-3 in game 3 to end our 5 game playoff winning streak.


I’m torn - should I ask for an update or just wait another seven hours until I get home?


You tell me.

I’ve refrained from posting in this thread in case you were reading it.



Because I have another team to look at when I get home I’ll ask for an update. For that matter I’ll be open to any further updates whether I win or not so no one has to worry if they want to talk about the possible Qt3 world series.


It was a tight series. My team just happened to be on the right side of 1 run games in game 5 and 6.


and we are eliminated 4 games to 2. Our team must have run out of gas as we lost 4 in a row after being up 2-0.

We were vastly superior on paper, but games are not won and lost on paper. After going 110-52 in the league, there is not much room for improving the team.


Good show Lagers!

It is interesting that the game chose to start S. Jones. He is my emergency starter but Martinez should have been ready to go?


I don’t think Jones ever got a start.

If you’re talking about game 5, it’s listing him as getting the loss in relief:



My mistake. I don’t know why I assumed he had started just because he took the loss. Clearly I shouldn’t be thinking about baseball during work.



Grats to the Lagers. My #1 bullpen decided to take a break during our series, and they would like to say, “you’re welcome”!.


Congrats @KWhit and everyone else who made the playoffs.

I’ve now started a second team, the Widmertown Flying Squirrels (shameless plug: named for the team at the center of my OOTP-inspired novel). They’re not exactly flying – off to a 2-5 start in bronze.

I wish you could control two or three teams with one login. Logging in and out is a pain.


It looks even the the Kraken flamed out in the playoffs we did enough to earn a promotion to Gold .326 this season. I’m hoping we have a better showing the last time we were in gold where we lasted 1 season before relegation back to silver. Thus far the Kraken are off to a 4-4 start.