Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


Things have changed a bit since I posted that earlier. The Tumbleweeds have gotten hot and passed me so I now sit in the 5th spot. This race for the bottom is getting tense, spots 5, 6 & 7 are currently held by Qt3ers


Well, there goes my pack luck forever. Bought 5 packs and pulled 82 Gaylord Perry, 87 Record Breaker Kenley Jansen, and 96 Christian Yelich. My pitching’s been a bit suspect so hopefully they’ll be a big boost.


My Kluane Rangers are in S319 as well, fighting it out with the AWP. My Sean Doolittle just got a win off of their Sean Doolittle :)


In an attempt to stave off relegation from Diamond this season, the Seattle Kraken have purchased 1953 Historical All-star Carl Furillo off of the Auction House. Carl will take over right field and Ron Acuna will be relegated to the bench. We will lose some speed in our lineup, but hopefully Carl will add some better offensive production. Things are promising so far as Carl has went 6 for 15 with 3 doubles in his first few games as a Kraken. Below is a standings update for @vyshka

The race to relegation remains close as the Tumbleweeds currently are sitting 5th,Kraken 6th, and Lagers 7th. There is also @kwhit 's Atlanta Phoenix representing Qt3 with the division lead.


7 packs yesterday between the 2 teams, and nothing to show for it.


Yeah, it’s getting to the point where I have to either wait a while to grind out 10-15K of PP to buy something that will really help me, or just keep blowing it on packs hoping to hit it big.


Yes, progression has slowed to be sure. But I’m still having fun watching the AH for any deals and tracking my teams a couple of times a day. But I’m not spending as much time with the game as I was a couple of weeks ago.

And I’m really looking forward to OOTP20 and starting over too!


Yeah, I really slowed down a few weeks ago, and pretty much have been on autopilot.


I’m not a follower of baseball in general, but I’m enjoying my three-way battle for the division title:
We represent the 2nd-4th best records in the entire Bronze .222 league at this point; 5th is way back on 67 wins!


I wonder what the odds are of pulling the same card in consecutive pulls from a pack.

Unfortunately it was a 61 bronze pitcher, and not a diamond or perfect. I’d really like an explanation of the card pulling system. I originally thought because the odds quoted were from them running massive simulations, that it basically did a random pull from the whole set of cards, but with the amount of duplicates you see especially for the lower tier cards, I wonder if it first decides on the tier of card you are pulling, and then pulls a card from that set.


@pizzaddict I think we got about as close as you can get without actually getting relegated. At least my other team won their division in silver, which I’d hope they would do after 8 seasons in gold, but silver was no push over. I think with only 2 teams advancing out of silver leagues it might be rough getting back up to gold.


The Expats lost the last three games but still managed to make it into the playoffs as the top wildcard. I used some spare PP to open packs (5 right after the All Star Break and 3 after the season) to net two useful players ( paul goldschmidt who will platoon with helton at 1b until I figure which one I want to sell) and buster posey (an upgrade on stearns without sacrificing defense).


Nice! I’ve been out of town the past few days and haven’t been able to look.


I just pulled a diamond Future Legend Alex Kirilloff for my silver team, so it looks like Ichiro is finally leaving the lineup. I guess maybe I should’ve looked at replacing Lorenzo Cain with him instead, but too late for the playoffs. Won the division series, so possibly facing @strummer next round.


Cool! Good work @Madmarcus and @vyshka!


So good news bad news for my teams.

My Cigar City Lagers had their first season where they didn’t win their division. It was their first time in Diamond, so I was expecting this to happen, but it had been a fun little streak. They had a chance at the wildcard with a week to go, but faded late and ended up finishing 4th in the division.

But the good news is that Atlanta Phoenix made the Diamond playoffs and is currently in the LCS. I’d love to at least win this series to get promoted into Perfect just to see how badly I’ll get destroyed before moving on to OOTP20.



My Sox teams had mediocre seasons, with neither making the playoffs, but none faces relegation. Good luck to the Qt3ers still in the hunt!


My division was really tight right to the end, with one game separating the top 3 teams, all of which had better records than the other division winners. I ended up second after ending the season 3-7, and lost the wild card game to the Alan Wiggins Project, who then lost the division series 3-2. So the AWP and I will be back for another round next season. Go Sean Doolittles!


Made it to the WS, so heading back up to gold after a season in silver. Trailing 1-2 1-3 at the moment.


@tylertoo I didn’t realize I was playing you. Good luck in the last 1 or 2 games :) At least one QT3 member will win the WS.