Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


I kept looking at the auction house, but there wasn’t anyone who was that much better than my current players, even though I have a bronze and a bunch of silvers. So I just kept waiting, and my team kept making the playoffs. And next thing I knew, I had 48k PP. Maybe I should just buy some packs instead of targetted auction house sniping…


Yea, the auction house for 19 is pretty barren these days. Part of why I switched over to packs.

Speaking of, I had accumulated a lot of crappy cards by buying packs whenever I had 1k points and letting the players sit. Holy hell. Do not do that. The interface is awful and it took me over an hour to clean house of all the Iron, Bronze, low Silver, and duplicates that I was never going to use. In the end it net me about 5k pp which I dropped on 5 packs. After a few weeks of garbage, I finally pulled a couple players to slot in the roster in Unsung Hero Jason Varitek and Live Paul Goldschmidt.


Yeah, I wish they would fix selling multiple cards at once. They disabled it at launch because there were issues.


Tell me about it - I got a $50 windfall so I blew it on packs over the weekend. Bought 75 packs for OOTP20. Let me tell you how fun it was to manage my reserve roster and inactive list after opening 75 packs.

It kills me that to the left of each card in the roster management page is a little radio button, and that you can select multiple cards… but then nothing you do affects more than one card. How about a “make all iron cards inactive” or “make all cards with ratings between x and y inactive” (where you could set X and Y)? But noooooo I gotta do every freaking action one at a time.

It also kills me that activating a card happens instantly but DEactivating a card requires you to confirm the action. Hey guys, it’s a SYMMETRIC ACTION, plus there is no downside to deactivating a card so WHY NOT LET ME DO IT WITH ONE CLICK AND NO CONFIRMATION.


They didn’t fix it for ootp20? That sucks.


Won the series in my Gold league, excited to see how bad I am in Diamond!!


Congrats @path12 on the series win!

They need to change the sound of opening packs. I’ve set it to the fast spped to hurry up the process, but now when I do it I always have this running through my head:

Buddy, you’re a boy, make a big noise
Playing in the street, gonna be a big man someday
You got mud on your face, you big disgrace
Kicking your can all over the place, singin’


Today I learned that you aren’t credited with a hit if you reach first base as the result of a fielder’s choice. In an Argonauts game earlier in the season, Paul Goldschmidt had five runs on two clean hits and a walk. Both times he reached on a fielder’s choice, Chuck Klein hit a home run on the next pitch to drive him in.


One month left in the season Texarkana are leading their division in gold. They have only played roughly .500 ball the last 2 months, but had a monster start to the season. Cedar Rapids is having another poor season. I seem to have pitchers that like to throw kid’s though, as the leaderboard is full of pitchers from my 2 teams.


A nice 5000pp outing by Severino:



Holy schmidt!

Meanwhile one of my teams was five games out in third place at the start of September this morning. I was away all day and came back tonight I found the team in first, with a healthy 3 game lead and a magic number of 4 with 6 games to go. A pleasant surprise. They crushed the ball in September while the former division leader stunk up the league.


One of my teams is eliminated and a few games under .500. My Texarkana team currently has the best record in the league and a magic # of 1 due to my division also having the team with the 2nd best record in the league. My team really had to play well to keep the lead.


Two games out of both the division and wild card with 3 left to play against the worst team in the league. I don’t think I’ll sneak in, but it’s coming down to the wire.


Update please!

Both my silver teams won their divisions. I’m hoping they’ll at least advance, get promoted next season, and face each other in gold.


Of course after a 6 game winning streak, I drop the final two games of the season - though as consolation it wouldn’t have mattered because I finished 3 games out of the division and 2.5 out of the Wild Card.

Post mortem, it looks like my pitching was… really bad this year. Near the bottom of the league in every category, with only one starter and two relievers below a 4 ERA.


My relievers did some good work this year, winning a lot of games they took over.

Currently up 2-1 in my division series against my division rival in what is probably the toughest matchup for the playoffs. None of the series at this point will be easy though.

Edit: and we won the series 3-1, sweeping them at their stadium after opening the series 1-1 at home. Now to see who we will face in the sub-league series. That has to be annoying for the other guy. I think they had a 14-5 record against me during the regular season, but I was 96-66 and they ended the season 93-69.


We’ve started off the sub-league series 0-2 at home. It is going to be hard to bounce back from that.

Edit: And now we’ve tied it up 2-2, with 1 more game at their stadium, and then the last 2 possibly at home.

Edit 2: We’ve refused to die and have pushed it to game 7 at home, with Severino pitching for us so we should have a good chance.

Edit 3: And we are in the finals. That was a tough series, and we went down 3 runs in the 1st inning of game 7, but came back to win 7-4.


Currently up 2-1 in the series. Dizzy Dean won his pitching duel against Degrom to capture the 1st away game after splitting 2 at home.


My two silver teams are a study in contrast.

One ended the regular season with the best record in the league, then was promptly swept with three straight losses in the first round of the playoffs.

The other was in third or second all season long, a mixed bag kind of team, then suddenly got hot and squeaked in to win the division. Then it won the first round of the playoffs, then the second, and now is in the World Series.

Go figure. Baseball.


In Diamond, I’m in the WS!


And in Perfect, I made the playoffs but lost in the LCS.