Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team



Yet I’m still in 2nd place in NC East, 3 back, which – unless I make up ground in the next six weeks – means a wildcard and a one-game playoff.


My silver league team is 22-8 since the all star game. My diamond team was about that last year in gold, and then played mediocre for the rest of the season. I’m hoping these guys keep it up. They are still leading their division by 11 games. The diamond team finally climbed back over .500 and is now 63-62.


I’m having a good second half of the season myself.


Just swept the division leader, resulting in them no longer being the division leader. I’m six games out of a wildcard slot, and am playing two of the worst teams in the conference at home in the next week. Late in September I have a four-game series against one of the teams currently ahead of me, too, so odds are at least decent for a wildcard run.


Wouldn’t it be fun to see your Librarians trying to shush my Red Stockings in the World Series? It could happen. My Sawx have a 5-game lead in the AC Central division. But still a month of baseball to play…


Well as the sim day comes to a close, Bill Skowron now sits 2nd in avg. (-.012), 3rd in homers (-3) and 1st in RBI (+3).

A rough end to the day for the Seattle Kraken finds us 5 games back in the division, 2 1/2 back for the 1st wild card spot. We do have a nice 4 game lead on the 2nd wild card spot though.


My Texarkana team sits at 67-68 and 22 games back in D374. We have avoided relegation, which was the main goal this season, and are fighting to keep 3rd place with a team that is 4 games behind us.

My Cedar Rapids Reds in S281 are currently 78-57 and leading their division by 13 games. They are kind of following a similar path to what my Texarkana team experienced in Gold, with the 1st season being a fight to avoid relegation, the 2nd season being kind of middle of the pack, though they appeared to be closer to the low end than Texarkana was, and in their 3rd season finding success and heading to the playoffs and hopefully promotion.


Yes, that would be awesome. Hoping for a strong September…

What an amazing game this was:

We were down 8-3 after five innings, then up 9-8 at the end of the 8th. In the top of the ninth we give up 6 runs! So its 14-9, and we manage to score 5 in the bottom of the 9th to tie it up! And 4 of the 5 runs came with two outs!

Then, in the bottom of the 12th, Carlton Fisk bats with two outs and a man on second, and works the count in a tremendous at-bat against reliever Edward Parades:

Fisk is mobbed by his teammates and has a bucket of Gatorade dumped on him during the post-game interview.


Aw man, there’s a massive whale in my league. Sitting at 27-30 in early June, their owner decided to open the pocketbooks and make a playoff push, signing a handful of gold players to fill out the lineup. After a two game series in Guadalajara half of that gold level roster was dumped for higher golds, diamonds, and perfect players. Must’ve been some crazy, tequila-induced arguments that convinced them things weren’t going to work out.

The roster overhaul ended up ultimately being a good idea; since that slow start they’ve gone 57-24 and are 1.5 up on me for best record in the league. Thankfully they’re in the other conference so I won’t see them unless we both get lucky and make the World Series.


Awesome post! Awesome atbat! But I swore I thought he was gonna hit it down the left-field Monster and wave his hands for it to keep fair while jumping up and down and then circle the bases for a home run that I will never ever ever forget. :)

In other news, I’m up by 5 games in my division, and my magic number is 15. My newest acquisition, starter Larry Dierker, is 6-1 since he arrived. No whales in my division that I can see.

I’m actually nervous about the rest of the sim day!


Good luck! I was nervous going in, but I’ve fallen behind the number one guy in my division, and I seem to be a lock for a wildcard, so I’m pretty calm at the moment.


Thanks! Magic number is now 13; 6-game lead. Not that I’m hanging on every sim or anything.

I just noticed that only a couple of my players made the All-Star team back in July: Joe Rudi (the old A’s outfielder), who didn’t start but did sub in; and Madison Bumgarner, who got a Hold in an inning of relief. Rudi’s selection earned me 100 PP.


Magic # is 5 for my S281 team. Diamond team is at 70-73 and managed to drop a game to the tanking team that is all iron players. I am embarrassed.


Had a great showing against the whale team in bronze .219, with two 0-1 losses in our last series. I don’t expect to win against them, as they are in 1st place in every category in the league, but holding their perfect and diamond players to 1 run on 4 or 5 hits is decent consolation. Also, that they won’t be in the bronze league for much longer.

I’m still chugging along with my original cards and the points those cards have earned. Spent some on a few positions that were in bad need of upgrading, and had one splurge on high gold pitcher Patrick Corbin, as I expect him to be part of the team’s growth for a long time.


My Entry league experience is weird.

Two days ago my team was at a .700 percentage and doing great at hitting the ball (power is weak though) and defense, ok on pitching. With a solid stream of points from little achievements coming in I opened a couple of packs and won a couple of auctions to improve the pitching staff. Now the offense is crashing down around my feet and the new silver pitchers look worse then the old bronze guys.

I’m sure I racked up some cheesy wins early against teams who hadn’t replaced their gray players yet but the total collapse is been amazi


In an unrelated note I started a historical league last night as the expansion Colt .45’s. Years of FM have made me weak. I’ve forgotten all the details of the 40 man roster and am having analysis paralysis on figuring if I need to start over since I seemingly did spring training with just 28 men on the 40 man roster (which also seems to be the spring training roster based on an in game notice?)

Did I just screw the development of Staub by not having him come to spring training?


May S281 team has had a magic number of 1 for 4 5 games now. :(


It looks like Skowron’s quest for the triple crown is coming to an end. He’s been in a bit of homerun slump and is now 7 behind JD Martinez. I don’t see him knocking out 7-8 homers in the next 8 games.

The Kraken are now tied for the #1 wild card spot, still 4 games back in the division.


Well, when he does play, he’ll be Rusty.

Har har, couldn’t resist.


Those steroids I got my team kicked in by the 8th inning.

That game got me a shit-ton of achievement pp, including 3000 pp for “Dominating Show” – score 20 runs in a shutout.


They finally managed to win a game and get over the hump. They took so long they lost out on being the first team to win a division by 1 day. My diamond team continues their late season mediocrity and are currently 74-80 with a tough schedule for the rest of the season.