Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


GB/FB is definitely something I need to pay closer attention to as I upgrade pitchers.


Sweet, the team I am going to have to play in the wild card game has won 12 in a row and has a perfect trout and chris sale as well as a couple diamond players. This should be fun.


Oh wow, you’re also in B.255? You have the second-best record in the league! Also, fun fact: Qt3 is represented by Robots, Librarians, and Red Stockings. Seems fitting.

Anyway, good luck to you and the Librarians in the playoffs. It’s all very exciting!

@vyshka: My Larry Dierker has been very good – 9-2 with a 3.30 ERA since I acquired him late in the season.


He was 13-10 for me in diamond, and I think at one point that was like 12-4. I’ve been happy with him. I didn’t have him for very long in silver. I expect he will do better.


Ted Williams has joined my Entry League team, which is going to be an all-Boston team. He’s played in only 6 games so far, and he’s hitting a disappointing .190. I’m sure he’ll turn it around!

One question, though: he’s got stats from 2023, 2022, and 2021, in things like SiL, GoL, and DiL. Silver, Gold and Diamond Leagues, right? (He hit okay there: .280 or so – but nothing like .406, say.) So he’s been playing for 3 or 4 real life weeks, and he’s now back in the Entry League with me, right? I hadn’t realized the market covered all leagues. Just one Auction House for all of us, then?

On the other end of the scale, I have a 59 OVR Ehire Adrianza who has played for me all year and is hitting almost .300. I can’t bring myself to sit him down. Thanks in part to him, my entry-league team has won 130 games already.


The 100 win dream fell short, but Akron was able to finish above .600 and secure the league’s best record at 99-63.

Future Legend Adonis Medina has been my ace and should get some Cy Young considerations… he’s ending the season 24-2 with a 2.51 ERA. On the whole the Aeros lead the league in batting average, runs against, starter ERA and bullpen ERA. I did adjust the ballpark factors a little - .95 for home runs from each side but I can’t imagine it was that much of an impact.

There was a three-way tie in my league as well. Two of the teams are battling it out for the Central division title, with the loser playing #2 from my division for the second Wild Card slot.


You are correct on all three questions.


Am I a bad person? Before this morning’s one-game wildcard playoff, I looked at my rotation, which seriously slumped by the end of the season. Not liking my choices for the single game, I sniped a 93-rated Aaron Nola off the auction house for 4500pp, about 1000 pp below his average price. He started the wildcard, and won it, pitching 8.2 innings for a 6-3 victory.

Obviously there’s no prohibition on changing your playoff roster after September 1, as there is in real life MLB. So what I did is legal, but somehow it feels cheesy.

Still, all my additions have been with earned points – haven’t spent a dime on this game beyond the initial purchase, so I’m not whaling.

EDIT: I realize now my opponent also started a pitcher he had just picked up at auction, albeit a 72-rated Denny Martinez. Now I don’t feel quite so bad.


I don’t really know what happened here. I’m sure that with two games left I was three games behind the Wildcard spots, but I won my last two and I guess everyone else lost… because I made the one-game playoff.

This was kind of funny at first, until I saw who I was playing against - The Canaries.

The Canaries have a Norwich City Football Club badge and their manager wears the English St. George flag, so he’s almost certainly a Norwich fan. I’m an Ipswich Town fan and those two teams do not like each other, so I had to win.

The Canaries like to steal a lot and struggle against lefties, so I pulled one of the SP I’d put in my pen back out into the rotation because he was a leftie with an enormous “Hold Runners” rating and changed some of my strategy sliders and… I’ve no idea if it really made a difference but we won!

It took a Mark McGwire two-run home run in the 12th inning to do it, but I don’t care. I won and Norwich lost. I can now get swept in the Division series.




Won my division by 6 in Bronze .263, now 1-1 in the divisional series and the servers are down so I can’t see what happened last game – AARGH!

Question, what is the criteria for getting promoted into a silver league next year? Do you have to win the series in bronze?


top 8 teams, so essentially just need to make it past the wild card playin game


The universe oddly says top 6 promote from bronze to silver, and top 8 from silver to gold. Currently 1-2 in our division series in S281.


sorry, I just noticed that. I swear it was top 8 last season in Bronze.

So I’m made it to the divisional series and am down 2-1. I’m not sure how it determines the top 6 since there are 8 left right now and 4 will obviously lose. The 4 who win plus the top 2 records between the 4 that lose?


I think it was the top 8 at one point. I’ve notice the numbers fluctuate, I guess depending on how many leagues there are.

Tied up the division series 2-2, and now we have game 5 at home.


Took a 2 game lead, dropped the third, and then this was game 4…


@Spock Congrats on the divisional playoff sweep! Me, I dropped two then won two… the deciding game is simming soon!


And we crash out dropping game 5 1-2. Still should promote to gold though.


Thank you, thank you, but the real credit goes to my players, the hard-working guys who do the job day in day out. (Do we get achievements for Baseball Corporate-Speak?)


Man I wish they did, because I’d get repeated 10k pp drops for the lollygaggers speech