Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


no, they still do that too.


So 2 shots at PP each week? They might have given out packs. Can’t remember.


I wish there was an easy way to actually compare players. While the Expats are a pack based team (in my mind the taking your chances on the draft) I’m allowing myself one free agent from the AH per season plus any PP I get from selling pack cards can turn into AH players (“trades”). Ichiro had a great last season but I’d like to make him my backup OF and put a better hitter (even if worse BA) in RF but it is so painful to compare players.

Even worse, I tried to start a historical league (I haven’t played one since OOTP 15 or so) and I just can’t deal with sorting all of the players in the Astros organization to figure out who is trade bate and who is needed for depth. It’s the expansion Astros so the real answer is that they are almost all terrible but I can’t run a team with that idea!


There’s no good way in the auction house, but do you know about the ‘compare player’ function in the main game itself?


If you mean within your current league then yes. But without a listing of all the cards I’m reduced to randomly typing in players and hoping one is in the league and within my budget.

I’m sure there is something similar for my challenge mode Astros but I really just want a spreadsheet of all my players. Which should be possible except that I can’t find an export function. Likely because they wanted to eliminate export/edit/import in challenge mode but still sucks.


Yeah, I’m not sure that exists. Maybe ask at the OOTP forum? But chances are, it is something they don’t have (yet).

On another note, to celebrate yesterday’s World Series sweep in my silver league, I spent $5 on points. I had only spent $5 on the base game, and I’ve more than gotten $10 worth of fun out of this in the past three weeks, so I wanted to give back to the devs for a great product.

And… I combined the 6K pp I’d earned with the 5500 pp I bought and bid on a 93 rated 2011 Cliff Lee. I am a Phillies fan and that was a golden team, even if it didn’t go all the way. I won him for about 11,000 pp which is less than his average price of 15,000, so a slight bargain. And a new ace to lead my rotation in gold.


The leader in my division is chock full of gold and diamonds, and with them at 12-2 to start the season I was pretty content to just let it ride and see how next season looked. Then I took 2 of 3 from them so… I dunno. I did pick up Larry Dierker after seeing how well he’s worked for a few others here and he’s been just as excellent.


Hey, just realized I made it to silver! I could have sworn it said only the top 2 teams got promotions last season but apparently I read it wrong. Also leading my division with a 18-7 record right now. However there is a team in my conference with a perfect Trout, perfect Betts, and perfect Dimaggio.


I was 13-4 at one point today. Currently … 13-13 on a 9 game losing streak, moving from 1st to last in the division.


I did that in reverse. I opened 0-6, leveled out for a bit and then won seven in a row so now I’m 13-13.


Congrats! I’m not sure how many are promoted/demoted from each league, but its definitely more than two.


My two bronze teams didn’t get promoted. One finished with 101 wins and the other 99 wins, but we bowed out in the first round of the playoffs in interesting fashion.

Both of the teams are “concept” teams built around their home park - one is “lefty only” with a park favoring lefties and the other is a “small ball” team with a park punishing power. In the pair of playoff series, we dropped the first 2 games at home, won the next game on the road and then won the fourth game in extra innings (this is in both series - they both went in extra innings the fourth game!). We then came home to the field that has favored us all year only lose the two series. I’m not sure what the odds are we fail in exactly the same way with both teams, but here we are, back in bronze.

We are off to a good start though - the “lefties” are 23-3 in B225 and “small ball” (after a terrible beginning) is now 16-10 in B213.


My winning run continues and I’m now 19-13 in Silver, after opening 0-6.

1989 Expos Pitcher Mark Langston, (silver, rated 72), is going completely ham for me. He’s 6-0 in seven starts, with 2.07 ERA and 63 Ks in 52 innings pitched. Plus he has 103 stamina, so if he’s having a good outing he just casually throws the complete game and gives your pen the night off.

He’s on the auction house right now with a Buy Now price of 200PP.


After a couple of outstanding seasons, both my teams are now in last place in their divisions!

I’ve been holding off on upgrading my all-Red Sox (bronze) team; no longer. I acquired Dennis Eckersley (in his closer mode) and JD Martinez (for DH duties). Still not at an all-Bosox lineup yet, but getting closer.

Edit: And wouldn’t you know, in their first game, Martinez was POTG (2 for 2 with a double, 2 walks and an RBI) and Eckersley had a perfect inning for his first save.


Dierker has been a beast for me too:


The Expats have been out bid on two different gold RF. They are hanging on to second place in the division and above .500 (when I checked before work) but we needed to improve somewhere. So I punted and picked up Garry Maddox. His bat isn’t a good as I wanted but he allows Victorino to move over to RF.

Stearns, C
Gonzalez, 1b
Biggio, 2b
Smith, ss
Turner, 3b
Acuna, lf
Maddox, cf
Victorino, rf

is a pretty good defensive lineup. Now we’ll see how well they hit in silver.


Holy Schmidt, I was just sitting here, too tired from a busy day at work to play a game or even watch a show, waiting for the next sim, when I decided to spend 1000 points that accumulated during the day on a bronze pack. And who popped up but Mr. Cy Young himself:

Folks will assume I’m a whale for having him. So maybe I’ll see what he fetches on the AH.


Wow! Congrats!



I was bored at work and bought a pack today too, got a couple sweet bronze cards out of it :(
I did go on the AH and buy my first diamond card though, picked up a Christian Yelich and he’s been tearing it up for me in silver today.


de Grom is going for around 23K at auction. Decisions… decisions…