Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


I have an extra disadvantage: I started The Witcher 3 the other day, so I’ve been quite lazy about checking on the poor Argonauts of late.


You guys are quite enthusiastic.

  1. If I purchase OOTP19 and start playing Perfect Team this week, the team I create will be placed into a starter league for the rest of the week so I can learn how things work, right?
  2. Then on Monday my team will automatically move to a Bronze League?
  3. Also, how do you guys run multiple teams? Do you have to make a new account for each team, and if so, does that mean the pool of cards for each team is independent?
  4. I understand a league can have multiples of the same player (i.e., there can be 5 Babe Ruths in a league). But are there multiple versions of the same player in the card pool? For instance, could there be a 1980 Rickey Henderson and a 1995 Rickey Henderson?
  5. There’s no injuries, right?
  6. Do you guys go through the minutia of setting strategies for individual players?
  7. When can you make roster changes to your team?

  1. Correct!
  2. Correct again!
  3. Yup, one Perfect Team per account.
  4. There are a few different sets of cards (2018 Live, Rookie Sensation, Top WAR Season…). The same player can have a card in different sets. Each team can only have one version of each player. (No All-Star Ichiro+Rookie Ichiro outfields, for instance.)
  5. Nope, no injuries.
  6. I do, but only rarely, and usually only to hook a pitcher who often flames out early or to tell a slowpoke not to steal so much.
  7. Whenever you like. The only restriction is that a player you move from your active roster to your reserve roster has to stay on your reserve roster for two sim weeks (~12 hours).


So I had to go look why you specifically mentioned 1995 Rickey Henderson to see if that was a really good year for him… it wasn’t, but while on his baseball reference page I noticed he had 66 steals in 1998. The dude was 39 years old that year! On top of that he lead the league in walks with 118 that year even though he had barely any power and was only hitting .236. Why the bleep were people putting him on base?


Not 1998, but this is a nice video about Rickey.

Ozzie Smith got me 1,500PP recently when he stole five bases in the same game.


I think I’m going to get fired. First two weeks of the season. We haven’t lost on a Monday!


Back when I was spending time on baseball stats I noticed that there were a lot of players like that - good players who had a year at the end of their career with oddly high walk totals even though they were otherwise showing signs of getting old. I figured it came from hitters recognizing their diminished ability before pitchers (and the league in general) recognized it.

Does anyone else have Altuve? Both of my teams have him from initial card packs. At bronze he’s great. At silver he’s ok to good offensively but he’s a defensive problem. I haven’t been willing to sell him because there are tons of copies available. On the other hand it seems to be a waste to have a 89 OVR player sitting on the bench to pinch hit and back up 2b, 3b, 1b, and dh.


I had to change the name of my silver .262 team (The Alan Wiggins Project). I noticed the team behind me in the standings is Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks. So I was considering changing to Beverly Road Geese - but then saw someone already took that! We are now known as the Ohio Bloodbuzzs.
It’s fitting we are in The National Conference.


Hey, we’re in the same league!


Me too. I’m the Cigar City Lagers in that league - in the same division as Strummer. We’re off to a slow start.


Yeah, me too, in last place in my conference despite taking the first three off the librarians. We’ll see if my off-season trading for ricky henderson and orel hershisher keeps me out of relegation, which I barely survived last season. My team is still silver for the large majority, with a few golds and a couple of bronze.


Looks like you and I just played each other. You took the series 2-1.

I wish there I was more talented at editing pictures so I could remove the rectangle from my logo. Maybe I just need to go find a different one.


I do. He’s been a fixture on my Gold team since day one. He’s performed very well offensively and acceptably defensively.

A bunch of us are in Silver 262. I’m the New Haven Red Sox, my all-Boston team; we’re bringing up the rear in our division right now. I just had to send down Carlton Fisk, and Ted Williams may be soon to follow!


Does anyone understand what controls player performance in the game? Sure, there’s going to be variations between multiple simulations of the same guy with the same stats, and I recall reading some discussion above. But it boggles my mind that a Ted Williams card can somehow perform crappily!


Well I would say a few things:

  1. Small sample size
  2. Bad luck - the .275 BABIP he is running right now is the lowest he’s ever had. His last 2 season in silver he average .324 BABIP. You would expect this to normalize as he gets more AB’s.
  3. His ratings are weaker against lefties and over half his AB’s have come against lefties this season. Granted he’s struggled against righties too, but still the heavy amount of Left handers he’s faced hasn’t helped.


Same here. I’d like to have a logo that is not so generic but when I have time and desire to think about my teams I want to look at stats and players not fiddle with logos.


My season is probably already lost, but this one was fun:

This single run scored over 15 innings was made possible by a passed ball that let Matt Chapman get from second to third, and then score on a sac fly.

This game featured a wonderful matchup of starters.

My Larry lasted longer than his Larry. Oh, and player of the game? Why, Larry Dierker, of course.

I am decent at doing so. I made a whole series of logos for a fictional league I created (using a template and clip art). Everyone – send me your logo needs!


Did you notice that both Dierkers has the same game score? Spooky!


I had not noticed! That is strange, given my Larry went 9.


I’ve been saving up to try and grab Mike Trout off the auction house… but my team has enough holes for Gold that he wasn’t going to put me over the top. So instead I picked up Lindor (love that guy) to start a major roster overhaul and start Andrelton Simmons on the road to being a superutility. Still a few games under .500 but as long as I don’t get demoted I think I can turn it around… eventually. I can kind of understand people tanking now - being mediocre makes it really tough to generate currency and improve your team. Spending a week in the lower league to rack up points before taking another crack at it is a decent strategy.

e: And Ichiro making me feel a lot better about 1) spending 8k on Lindor and 2) not completely overhauling the outfield.