Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


The C I’m trying to land right now is a gold Bob Boone. Gold Yogi Berra might be nice as well.


My team has decided this is the time to play mediocre ball, while the 2nd place time is driving hard to catch up. My magic # is 14 and they are only 4 games behind now. The boys need to step it up and finish strong.


I battled my way to 4th in my 30something entry league and was hyped for the playoffs and the season just ended this morning and it seems like there’s nothing now for the weekend.

What a ridiculous design decision. I just bought the game. I was hyped to be able to more ‘actively’ manage over the weekend. And instead it’s just nothing. At the very least they could have extended the normal season. Who thinks that having new players unable to actually play their first weekend is a good retention plan???


Yeah, but you still earned some pp! I thought same thing, wanted to at least see playoffs.

This games too addictive, I’m watching tv shows while ‘playing’ this game, but wow, time passes.


Perfect Team is the hook I was missing on this game before. I like that you can take it casual enough to spend 10 minutes here and there and still be productive. My starter packs had Chad Green as my gold but I did manage to pull a record breaker Ichiro who has been great in the leadoff slot. A couple of cheap upgrades and my outfield is Cespedes, Brantley, and Ichiro - and the Cespedes upgrade almost immediately paid for itself, launching a walk-off HR in his third game.


It has been a while but I thought entry pool continued until Sunday night.


Yeah, that’s weird, my starter league team is still playing games as we speak… hmm must be bug?


THIS guy has killed me today, as has Andrew Toles. Killed my starters and relievers… or at least seem to get hits at the right time. SO [email protected]!


It will be really bad once the new mobile game is out. Then I will have access no matter where I am.

Wondering if my team has held in to 1st or stumbled.


This is ridiculously addictive! I agree with others who’ve said it’s more fun than the online leagues. The online leagues have more details and features, but they require a lot more effort, and they don’t run as smoothly.

I’d like to start a second team, but I’m thinking it might be optimal to do so early next week (Monday? Tuesday?), to give it a week to develop in the Entry League. Does that make sense? Or should I just plunge in now and develop in my first Bronze League?


Now that I look closer, not everyone has played the same amount of games. I have played 150 but another has 154 and another 153. Probably bugged out. Sad.


Yeah, that makes sense. It gives them a full week of 24/7 games to earn pp.


Are you actually playing the game? My starter team is still on. Also in starter league, Sundays don’t play. League is Monday thru Saturday (in the game not IRL).


Yeah, I rebooted the game and stuff just to see if it was a client bug. But it shows the current day as an off day and no future games. I would figure it was because we made it through September but the unbalanced results of games played is weird.


You must be playing a special league, because every starter league I’ve played in ends on Sunday night. The games don’t end on game 162 if you started on Monday you actually wil play until January/February? You will play like 200+ games.


I don’t think that it’s special, just broken. I will shoot a bug report over tonight.

Makes more sense that it is a bug. I figured it was just a really bad design decision.


Ugh, after being up 12 mid August, I’m only 1.5 up and continuing to struggle. Worse, I’m not home so I can’t try to change anything. I was thinking for a while we might have a shot at the title. Not nearly as confident now. :)


I picked up SP Harvey Haddix for 49 pp and threw him right into the rotation. He gave up just two runs over eight innings (while scattering 11 hits) allowing my Librarians to extend their win streak to seven games.

I’m now up to a .500 record, after being ten games under when I first stepped into the Auction House.


Haddix is one of my bronze faves! Love that card. He can do relief as well. Also on starter team, all Cubs (except for Lou Gehrig card) guess who is doing best…

not even a bronze… well he’s only been playing since this morning, but jeez…oh you…OOTP.

also what i noticed, movement seems to influence the amount of HR’s a pitcher gives. most of the pitchers yellow or below 50, give up alot of HR’s it seems.


Yes, movement impacts HR, control impacts bb