Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


The lead continues to shrink. Down to 1/2 a game.


Yeah right now for me 8 games left, down 2 games in division and 1/2 game up in WC. Team kind of dived since All Stars. My other team made playoffs easy 10games up, Oddly the team fighting tooth and nail has an awesome offense year, the winning team has superb SP all year long.


So I log in tonight, to see what’s what…and immediately assume there’s been an error. The game shows me with over 10,000 PP, and I remember putting up a few cards for auction yesterday and that lifting me to about 2,000 or so.

Then I look at the Achievements section. Holy crap.

On September 16, playing the second place team (we’re in first in bronze by 5 1/2 games at that point, our team went up against Trevor Cahill as the opposing starter.

And scored 13 runs off him in the bottom of the first before before Cahill was yanked without recording an out. They brought in Eric Lauer. We scored another 5 runs off him before he was yanked…also without recording an out. 18 runs, no outs recorded in the first inning. We went on to win 21-6.

And so in case you were wondering:

4,000 PP awarded for 18 runs in an inning
400 PP awarded for 21 runs in a game
3,000 PP awarded for 13 hits in an inning (there were 8 walks in the first as well…)
50 points for two player individual achievements

So yeah. One game, 7,450 PP. That’ll work to restock things on promotion…




Holy crap, that is something.

And that is a pretty huge jump in PP for 13 hits in an inning. I just got 10 hits in an inning and it was 400 PP. They must ratchet up the PP exponentially for each hit.


In Mid-August I was 21-9 after the allstar game. Been downhill since. Still up. 1/2 a game. Last series is 3 games against him.


Well I just lost a blowout game against the team in 1st… 10-6. Ugh. He has alot of good contact, I went with power, oh well now have to see if I can make WC.


Well Zach must have used my comment as motivation. He has posted a 354 ERA+ so far in September, helping keep us in playoff contention after a team-wide slump in August.


Good luck! I doubt I’ll make WC, but at least my other team made playoffs! but it was kind of an easy division.


I also started a second team, to try to see if the southpaw strategy was still viable.

Not sure if it’s been mentioned, but here’s how it used to work:

At season’s start, you set your stadium to extremely favor lefty hitters, and also to extremely dis-favor righties. You used to be able to set it at 1.2 for lefties, and 0.8 for righties, but they’ve nerfed it. You can now only go 1.1 and 0.9.

So you set your stadium with those extreme factors, and then sell off all your righthanded players and pitchers, and fully stock up on lefties.

For hitters, the strategy is obvious: they enjoy a huge home cooking advantage in your home park.

But for pitchers, it also works, since most teams set their lineups to take advantage of a platoon. So most teams will be sending up righthanded hitters against your team of lefty pitchers.

I wanted to see if it still worked. While getting my team set up, they were sitting 4-12 in an entry pool league.

Since then, they’ve gone 31-11. The only points spent on the team have been points earned (I had $5 in my Steam wallet and used that to build my main team that had the 18-run inning.) They’re 21-3 at home. So it appears the Southpaw Strategy at least does work a little.


They reduced how much you could modify the ballpark factors after beta. So it shouldn’t work nearly as well as it did then. /me reads rest of post


Also, finding LHB only shortstops and catchers is tough.


Well I’ve at the very least secured a spot in the playoffs. Was beginning to wonder if they were going to completely blow their awesome season. Still neck and neck for the division title. We are currently tied as I had an off day and he won his game.


Maury WIlls is switch hitting, hes decent bronze SS. But his splits vs Righty are not as good as vs Lefty.

And now I am up 1/2 game in WC. 6 games left… jeez

Oh and lefty catcher I see in player search that Darrel Porter and Omar Navarez are decent bronze lefty. Otherwise have to go up to Yasmani Grandal or switch hitting Todd Hundley… more expensive etc

Is Rick WIlkins in the game? He had a good year in early 90s… as a Cub!


There are apparently three LHB-only shortstops in the postwar era to get to 4,000 PAs: Tony Kubek, Ozzie Guillen, and Craig Reynolds.

I got Kubek in my starter pack. He’s a bronze and mostly a reserve, but still…(I overpaid like crazy for Brandon Crawford at 400 points to get another LHB only SS there to start and he gets the bulk of the pt there.)


I’ve got Jason Castro of the Twins as my starting catcher. I’ve missed on Darrell Porter a couple of times in the AH, but he’s in there.


Kyle Schwarber can play catcher. Well, he can put on the gear an plop himself behind the plate.


Yeah, I’ve been looking for him, because apparently his catcher stats in OOTP aren’t nearly as bad as you’d expect. (They aren’t good, but they’re not titanically awful.)


I have him starting C on one of my teams. 14 POS rating at C, but Cather Ability is a respectable 45 and Arm 41. He’s actually thrown out 52% of would be base stealers and only 1 PB in 21 games.

EDIT: I might have to try the lefty thing on my third team since I already have 7 lefty hitters, including my gold player (Rod Carew as a lefty 2B) and one of my silvers, and all my picthers are terrible so nothing lost in giving them the boot.


I had Schwarber catch like 20 games or so. He did it well enough, but I wouldn’t want him starting, I’d guess he’d get alot of PBs or more steals. He IS good for cheap utility though.

50 percent of thrown out wow thats not bad at all. Maybe put him as reserve C on my all Cubs team unless I get me some Gabby Hartnett! doubt that though…