Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


Maximum suspense, you must have ordered the collector’s edition. ;)

Not as bad as it felt towards the end. At one point though that 16-12 in August was showing 11-4.


I got the second wildcard spot in my silver league. I have Len Barker going, so I have a good chance to advance. Wish me luck!


The Kraken are in the playoffs! Well, in the playin game for the actual playoffs since the MLB started this idiotic wildcard game system.


Congrats @KWhit and @pizzaddict. Looks like QT3 will be well represented in the playoffs this season.

Yep, #2 and #3 in my division face off in the wildcard, and then play me. Thanks ootp.


I’ve been looking for upgrades to my corner infielders on a budget, so was happy to score a cheap copy of Jesus Aguilar… and he’s been a mess. Batting under .200 with a 14 wRC+ after 10 games. Anyone else end up with someone like that, looking like a great fit for their lineup and doing a whole lot of nothing?

Top team in my entry pool is running that southpaw strategy mentioned above. They’re currently 34-9.


Evan Logoria was a bit of a bust this season for me. Just a .710 OPS and he struck out a ton.


Just logged in to discover that I got 5,000 PP for this in the entry league!


I spent most of my savings on a 94 Aaron Judge, and in the entry league in 279 PA he’s hitting .225/.305/.373 for an 87 OPS+. About the same batting line as my 64 Scott Schebler.

Also, Longoria has a .595 OPS for me.


Wow, @wilykat, grats on the … no-hitter or perfect game? I see zero walks, so if no one reached on an error…



Perfect game. Rah!


Wow. Not sure I’ve ever seen one in many years of playing OOTP. Grats!


Same one, 37 years old in 85 for White Sox. Season so far:


Awesome! Grats!


Too hard for a true lefty to pivot effectively at SS so switch hitter is about the best you can do there. (edit to note that you did find some so uh…)




We had one in our league the other day as well.


Yeah, while they’re rare, there are some bats left, throws right kind of guys.

The real rarity in MLB history is bats right, throws left guys. I think it’s still just 5 players with 1,000 AB who threw left and batted right. Ryan Ludwick and Cody Ross were the most recent. Rickey Henderson was another and he’s in the HoF. Cleon Jones, one of the heroes of the 1969 Miracle Mets was the fourth. And then you have to go all the way back 100 years to Hal Chase, one of the darkest, most evil humans to ever play professional sports. Prince Hal made Ty Cobb seem like a funloving gentleman.


Lenny went to my high school, so I’m pulling for him! Let me know how he does!

I grabbed Rickey on auction for 4,000pp – the min. asking price; no one else bid because it was late on a Saturday night most likely. There are cheaper versions of Rickey on the AH, but I assume this one is high because it is marked Legend and Peak?

Anyway, Rickey proceeded to go on a tear:

Led by Rickey, my team as a whole lost games but went on achievement tear, netting me an extra 3,000 pp – making his net cost after two weeks of the starter league just about 1K.

Which leads me to wonder whether it IS better to buy the studs than try to grab value in the silver and bronze areas… since the Gold guys are more likely to bring back achievements that mitigate their cost.

Anyway, this was my favorite achievement:


Yup I won the WC game over an opponent that had more gold, a 103 win team vs my 88 win team! All because of late season pickup Pete Schourek. Guy had a CG shutout with 7ks. Now I need to watch some youtube video, remember seeing this guy pitch in 90s, games like an rpg with real people. ON to Div Series games! Aye, next series is vs a 104 win team, the first place team of the WC opponents division. His team lea league in HR’s… yeesh.

NICE just got a 2 run game winning HR from Yadi! Tied series 1-1. Thanks Yadi, its ok if youre a Cardinal!


My last five games have been decided by 1 run, and 3 of them have gone into extra innings.