Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


Swept in the division series by second place in my division.


Sucks, there’s always next year.

Why is this starter league still going? I thought Sundays it was only playoffs?

Where is this challenge mode? I don’t see it.


Entry pool doesn’t have playoffs. It is just constant games generating pp until you get moved into a bronze league overnight.


OH man, Buzzsaws had a 2 game lead and blew it. And in game 5, Corbin vs Keuchel all game long, one measly fly ball RBI from Bogaerts… and guess what Yadi almost hit another game tying HR at bottom of ninth, but was caught at wall. Well that other team sucked… had so many gold like 11. Corbin had 11k’s as well. Still cool series!

Well my other team, Rowboats made it to second series, though other team looks stacked!

This games too addictive.


Learned about Chase in the first Bill James Historical Abstract. Dark and evil is really a perfect description.


Pardon the humblebrag


Was Hal worse than Cap Anson? Anson was possibly the guy who kept minorities from baseball til Jackie… was pretty racist.

Cool you beat the canadian team for first. Merica!


Congrats @path12


Same. And doing a little more reading on Prince Hal since then…yeah. James wasn’t exaggerating. Chase was about as bad a human soul as any who have ever played professional sport.


Yes. Imagine as racist as Anson…and also a terrible teammate. And also a guy who happily threw games, and bragged about it.


Yeah, Anson wasn’t great either. I guess for me the amorality, corruptness and manipulative nature of Chase was for the time a greater harm – racism was far more widespread in that era whereas today we enable the Chase’s of the world more than the Anson’s if that makes sense.


Congrats @path12!

Meanwhile my starter team went from 10 under .500 up to an even .500 and then proceeded to tank, and now sits at 13 games under .500. Does not bode well for the coming bronze league week.


If you are at .500 in starter thats pretty good considering you’re up against 60 other teams with some big spenders. The bronze leagues seem to be balanced… though there is nothing stopping people from spending in bronze either! but seems less common since less teams.


So close to history!


Looking forward to Bronze league next week. My team is 49-30 right now so I’m hoping that carries over when it matters.


He won his game! We won the wildcard game, but then I lost 3-1 in the Divisional Series. Oh well. I wasn’t expecting to even make the playoffs since I had just been promoted. There’s always next year!


I knew he’d come through!


I think you have to close OOTP PT and restart the game, this time choosing the menu options on the left for “regular” OOTP. I haven’t figured out a way to switch directly from Perfect Team to regular OOTP.

Once you start regular OOTP, you’ll set up a new game, and almost immediately the game will ask you whether you want to play that game in Challenge Mode. I highly recommend you say yes. Challenge Mode isn’t that much harder than regular mode, and it gives you achievements, a few of which give you free packs in Perfect Team. (I think winning your first Challenge Mode game gives you a free pack, for example.) It doesn’t take that long to start a game; there is a wizard that helps you choose options pretty easily.


This sounds so much like the Earl Weaver league my friends and I ran during the early 90’s that I had to join up. Pulled a gold, 3 silvers, and 12 bronze players in my starting 6 packs and am ready for action in the Tau Kappa entry league. Now to decide how best to shore up my weak points, starting with 3B.



Just won the World Series thingy in our Bronze league in 7 games.

Full disclosure: I had $5 in my steam wallet, and used it to buy players early in the season. Because why not. I am also confident of saying that many other people in our league bought perfect points or packs, and probably spent more than I did. In fact, the guy who I had to take on in our LCS had either a Gold or Diamond player at every position. It must be nice to have Didi Gregorius as your backup shortstop (to Ripken). Just sayin’. ;)

Other than that $5 investment, my team was built in-season, with points I had available. I got super lucky in a lot of situations. I managed to have 6 pitcher-thrown Madduxes before the all star break. I had a winning streak of 15 games that brought in a ton of points. I had that crazy 21-run game.

I also had losing streaks of 5, 7, and 6 games at respective times during the season. Take a bow, fellas:

Rose, Williams, Bleier, and Oh were in my starter packs and remained on the team throughout the season. Cuyler, Severino, Terry and Realmuto were all second-half adds to the team at various points. Goldy was a crazy mid-May auction snipe, as was Bunning. Got both for less than half their average auction price/last five prices. No idea.

Anyway, silver achievement for winning the World Series, 1,000 PP (that’s all?)
2,000 PP for my season score, gold achievement
175 PP for good ol’ Miles Mikolas, who won game 7 of the World Series.
250 PP for Ozzie Albies winning the Gold Glove equivalent.
250 PP for Bernie Baseball winning the Silver Slugger equivalent.
600 PP for Bernie freaking Williams winning the league MVP award.

Yep, I pulled the league MVP in my starter packs. :D


Congrats @triggercut! That is a great feeling isn’t it. Unfortunately my WS win was in the beta so it is gone. Thought this might be the season, but we were swept in the division series.

Regular ootp is on the left side of the main screen when first start ootp. If you are in PT you can get back by selecting go to ootp start screen from the menu at the top.