Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


So I’m in silver league, and wow, a couple teams in my division… one has 9 diamond and the rest gold and other team just a few less diamond but all gold. I guess I’ll be bumped to bronze end of this week!

Grats on win! I’m gonna take a break this week just let it sim… so I say.


Holy yup, that game rocked! Earl Weaver Baseball I did leagues with that as well. Glad to know somebody else out there played that game. Imo its a classic.


Congrats! And a $5 investment doesn’t diminish that victory. In fact, I plan on doing the same this week in my first bronze league effort. I paid only $5 for the game, so throwing another five-spot to the devs doesn’t seem whale-ish.

Looking forward to being in a real league. I’m tied for first! At least until the season begins…

EDIT: Found this list of achievements on the Bronze League discord channel:


I just won an auction but the guy is not on my reserve or active rosters. Any idea why?


For people waiting for a sale to get on this bandwagon, OOTP19 is now $5 on Green Man Gaming.

If you have an account (which makes you eligible for “VIP” savings) it’s $4.75. Then add code “GMG12” and the game is now $3.96.

I can’t get the price any lower than that, sorry.


The card is probably inactive. You’ll have to go to your card collection, tick the ‘show inactive only’ box, and activate it, at which point it’ll be on your reserve roster.


So if I start a new account/team after 10:30 a.m. or so today, I’ll go to the Entry League for the whole week, right?

What FIshbreath said: check your inactive cards. If you buy using “buy now,” the card seems to go straight to your reserve roster; but if you buy using the highest bid, it goes to your inactives.

Grats! I am glad you posted your team lineup and stats because I found them encouraging. Mine don’t look all that different, so maybe I can contend?


Another scenario is if you end up with multiple copies of a card they end up inactive, which has happened to me a couple times trying to snipe cards overnight.


Thanks all. It was in fact sitting there inactive. Problem solved!


One thing worth remembering: your league as it is constituted the first few weeks/months of the season is NOT what your league will be later on. Assume that everyone will be reinvesting their points in their respective teams throughout the season. Assume that multiple players in your league will toss a few bucks onto their squads to boost them up a bit.


I drafted Wally Pipp in my new Entry League team! The guy who was injured and replaced by Lou Gehrig. OTP calls Wally an “unsung hero,” I suppose for getting hurt. Wally Pipp has an OVR in the low 40s.

I watched the Highlight Reel of my first game in Bronze League (without knowing the outcome, as I have scores hidden). It was very exciting: I was down 3-2, bottom of 9th, I loaded the bases – and then A. J. Minter came on in relief and struck out the side. :(


Check inactive players. Not sure why it happens, but that is usually what happens.


I think if you are online when the auction ends it will put it in your reserved roster, if you are offline when the auction ends it will go into your inactive roster. I hate this by the way as I had forgotten that I had purchased an Aroldis Chapman card at the end of last season. When I was looking to improve my bullpen going into this current season I saw that Chapman was red in the auction house. Went and looked in my inactive roster and sure enough I already owned him. I was blown out enough in my wildcard game that having him in my pen wouldn’t have made a difference, but still.


Forgot to setup my remote desktop so I could check my team while at work. If you make the wildcard game in bronze then you move up to silver, right?


Nice job, @triggercut!


Woohoo, undefeated in diamond so far. Okay, it was 1-0, but we got to celebrate while we can. Need to find the promotion rules as some point to see how it determines which 6 teams promoted. I had the 2nd best record in the league, but crashed out in the division series.


I am confusion.

For my sins I have Ketel Marte on my team… on the roster page he’s listed as a First Baseman, but when you hover over it, his player card says Shortstop.

Then when you click into his profile, his highest rated position is… Second base.



The AI will sometimes switch a players position when you ask it to set up your team. I don’t know if picking up a player from the Auction House will have a position change come along with the player. It will keep the position rating from playing in a different position though.


I’m in a Bronze league now, having just made it out of the entry league. The game my poor Argonauts just lost was won by Noah Syndergaard, saved by Edwin Diaz, and saw a home run by Jose Ramirez. The rest of the guy’s team is similar.


For some reason I was thinking I would get promoted to silver but I must have misread. Looks liike I must have just missed promotion and am stuck in Bronze again. Off to a 10-5 start and I don’t have a whale in my division this time so that should help.