Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


Heh, just realized my 2 extra teams got placed in the same bronze division. This should be interesting.

Also interesting is that my main team made it to Gold. Seeing as how the only addition I have made recently is 79 rated Charlie Morton to go along with the rest of my bargain basement team (only 1 gold player), we’re off to a predictable 7-9 start. Looks like I’ll have to quit dumpster diving and shell out some of the PP I have accumulated.


8-9 so far in D374. Hopefully they can keep up roughly that level of play. :)


For those that want to play with friends, unfortunately the system did not put me and my buddy in the same league when we friended up. I will have to find another way to crack the algorithm.


Yeah, that doesn’t seem to work all that well.

15-10, and likely to be 16-10 for the month because of a 4 game series at the end against a team comprised of 1 silver and the rest iron players. Not sure what happened to his team because I doubt he made it diamond with these players. His division is going to get a lot of wins and pp from him.


Is anyone else in Bronze .316? I have two teams in this league, one in first at 15-11 and one in third at 13-13. Looks like one team with multiple 100 players, one with a bunch of diamonds, and the rest are pretty reasonable.

Aaron Judge is continuing from his entry league run - he’s hitting .175/.320/.313 after 23 games. Robbie Erlin is carrying his post-perfect game skills forward too, he’s at a 1.80 ERA after his first five starts.

On the other team, the four-man rotation is working well so far - my starters have a combined ERA under 3. My relievers and hitters have all kind of sucked though. To be fair my relievers are all iron and two bronze, so maybe I’ll upgrade them a bit.


what are your manager names again? im in s256 s279 b237. my 279 team is getting killed (my usual stellar sp’s are being murdered!), but s256 and b237 near or at 1st so far.

thats crazy, u have two teams in same league!

ah ten friends max?!? meh.


I’m tylertoo, in b255 only. So to start other teams you need to use another email, is that correct?

I’m starting to realize I may need to bring my personal laptop to work everyday to check scores, it’s that addictive.


Missed me by one—I’m Fishbreath in b254.


Hey @tylertoo, I’m Bronze.255 too! Which team are you? I’m the Boston Red Stockings, in 3rd place in the AC East, with a 15-12 record. Off to a decent start, but for some unexpectedly wobbly pitching from starters Jerry Koosman, Dan Petry, and my closer Aaron Bummer. I suppose I need to look for an upgrade for Petry at least.


I’m in bronze .219, in the basement. I’m not sure how all of the ratings work/interact, so it’s likely my showing is user error, because on paper I have a decent team compared to the others in my league.

The lineups I see in the box scores are not the lineups I keep making and submitting, so I’m not doing something right with the interface.


sometimes the AI will mess with the lineup, usually because someone is tired so it’s subbing another player in and then trying to make the best roster accordingly. It’s annoying, but I guess the alternative would be for you to have to create a bunch of different lineups for each sub situation, or I guess they should at least have the option that tells the AI to never change the lineup and if my Andrelton Simmons is playing 3rd to give Longoria a break then he just bats where Longoria does in the lineup even if that would not be ideal.


I noticed last night that I unintentionally loaded my bullpen with nothing but left handers. I currently sit at 6 lefties and one righty. Not sure if that is good or bad, it just kind of worked out that way. So far it’s working but we’ll see as the season progresses.


Are you sure you’re hitting the submit button after tweaking your lineup?

I’m the Levittown Librarians, currently in 2nd in the NC East, but just a game above .500 and 7 games out. No whales in my division, which is nice – the first place team is earning it the hard way. My team started out well, I was six games above .500 after 3 weeks, but now is regressing. My rotation is the main culprit, including ‘ace’ Steve Carlton.

I’m almost out of pp and have yet to buy any, but I don’t see making any changes to my team unless I spot a bargain on the AH.


I’m in a pretty tight division in Gold 309. I’m Atlanta.



I am in Silver 333 and I am literally all over the place.

I lost the opener, then won three in a row, then went on a six game losing streak, then flipped back to win five in a row and that’s essentially how the season has gone.

Meanwhile, early on I was 14th in the conference for scoring and 3rd for Starter’s ERA and now I’m second for scoring and 15th for starter ERA… without changing the team.

I’m sure some of that is the player types i have - I’m starting a pure knuckleballer pitcher who’s either unhittable or has to be pulled after an inning and a half and also have a gold Mickey Mantle who flips between striking out or hitting the ball into outer space. Through the roof.

My bullpen is the real weakness, as I haven’t found a single good card there and will probably have to hit the auction house. How bad is it if I take someone badged as an “SP” and put them in the bullpen?

The only thing I can rely on is steals. My packs gave me a lot of players with 70+ speed and stealing, so we do that a lot. We’ve been rated second in the league since day one of the season there.


I haven’t put SP’s in my pen but I know people do. I imagine it would work as long as you have a guy with good Stuff and at least a couple really good pitches. I always look for a decent hold runners on my bullpen guys too but to be honest I’m not 100% sure how much that affects things. There are some decent guys you can get on the AH for not to much pp. Chad Green is one that I think goes for less than 1500. Pretty sure I got my Chapman for less than 1500. I have a silver Tony Eaton I think is his name that closed for me last season and again this season who is doing really well that cost less than 500 I think.


I do that all the time, particularly for long relief. What’s worse is what I’m doing. I’m playing a LF in RF, even though his defense there sucks. He’s there for his bat.

To make up for it I was scouring the auction for a CF with top defense. I’d been platooning two guys who were mediocre in the field and at the plate. Couldn’t find anyone in AH at whatever the price. Then I started poking through my inactives and realized I had Byron Buxton.

He’d just been sitting there, ignored. I found my guy, and at no cost! I figured I’d install him at the bottom of the lineup and not worry whether he ever got on base – I wanted him to roam the OF.

So wouldn’t you know, after 13 games, he’s hitting .370 with a little pop and some speed. Moral of the story – make sure you haven’t overlooked anyone on your inactives!


I just played a series against a team that has an 89 gold James Paxton in his pen as long reliever getting a lot of innings and like a 1.3 ERA over them so far. He has no gold starters. It did break my 11 game winning streak with 3 loses but I don’t think it was Paxton alone.


@Banzai, are you using the default lineups UI, or 7-day lineups? The latter will override AI choices for seven days, so you get exactly the starting lineup (and pitchers) you want on each day – but after those 7 days are up, I’m not sure what happens.

In this Perfect format, unless you’re going to check your team every 3-1/2 hours, it’s safer to use the default lineups. Make sure to fill out the lineup for both LHP+DH and RHP+DH.

You may already know this, but also pay attention to the backup/utility slots in the bottom-middle of the screen, because the AI by default rotates utility players in (to rest starters). E.g., your star LF may be set to start, but his backup may be playing every 3rd game. It’s usually good enough to play the utility backup only “when starter tired.” The exception might be a high-stress position like catcher, where guys can get very tired after 3-4 games. I also do set defensive substitutions for weak fielders – usually just 1 or 2 at most, though. You can get a visual look at your lineups and subs by looking at the graphical depth chart.

The depth-chart system is designed as much for injuries as fatigue, so isn’t quite as important in PT as in regular OOTP (where injuries happen quite often, as in real life). But it’s still important here.

If you already knew all this, I apologize for over-explaining!


Cool, they read my question on this weeks OOTP Now podcast so I get 2500pp!