Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


Dammit, forgot that was last night. Congrats on winning the pp.


If Buxton ends up not working for you, I picked up a Bret Butler silver mid way through last season (bronze league) and he played great for me. He has been really good for me this season also. Good defense, gets on base and can steal some bases. I think I paid like 500 for him. I was going to post his card but he doesn’t seem to be on the database for some reason.


I’m path12 in Bronze .263.

Had a new achievement:

Hicks came in to close, struck out the side on 9 pitches.



After a brutal start to the season, the Argonauts have clawed their way back to one game above .500, 3.5 back from the division leader and 0.5 back from a wildcard spot. The arm of Harvey Haddix has had something to do with it: in 52 innings pitched, he’s struck out 40-some batters and walked 0.


Wow. I have Harvey in my pen as long relief. Maybe he’s due a promotion…

Hey @Spock we’re hitting well:



We are still managing to keep a winning record in D374 at 25-20 right now. My silver league team is sitting at 23-22.


Yeah, I’m submitting. The AI is just starting people I specifically don’t want to start, and it seems to do it regardless of whether they are in the depth chart or not. Annoying, as I have a player I want as a pinch runner, but he’s terrible in the field. The AI keeps starting him at positions he is not in the depth chart to play, and has ratings <30 at, so he’s causing errors that are costing games. Frustrating, but my only recourse may be to pull him from the active roster.


It shouldn’t. Are your 7-day lineups off? It should look like this:


Wow, I don’t think I’ve seen a double header before in PT. Unfortunately we lost both games.


Grats! I just got the same one. Jerry Koosman (of the Amazin’ Mets) struck out the side on 9 pitches. Too bad his ERA is still hovering around 6.00. I have faith in him! I think.

I’m 8 or 9 games above .500, 1/2 a game out of first place in my division!


It looks like that. Glad I’m not missing something obvious. I’ve just removed the player from the active roster, which isn’t ideal, but much better than having him try to play shortstop with a 19 rating.


According to the OOTP survey I just took, the OOTP Go mobile app will be free and is still scheduled for a “Spring 2019” release.


I pulled “Live” Bryce Harper from a pack last night. In his first 12 plate appearances he has three “regular” walks and a further three walks for hit by pitch.

Currently the ball is hitting him more than he’s hitting the ball.


I took the same survey but somehow didn’t notice that.

Also, from what Markus said before in his AMA, the app will be free but you will have to pay to add on features. The impression I got was stuff like perfect team would be free but if you want to do a fictional league there would be some kind of add-on price.


@Banzai, maybe you could post your lineup screen? Maybe one of us could spot something?


Is their an achievement for hitting streaks? I noticed my Albies card is up to a 22 game hitting streak before I went to bed last night. Hoping to get some sweet pp for that one when it ends.


I’m enjoying this so far, but I’m not sure I have a handle on why my team is doing as well or as poorly as it is.

I enjoy watching the clock count down and grabbing new sim results but when the result lands and I see green or, more usually, red I don’t really know why that happened. It doesn’t feel random, it just feels like there could be more help for people who don’t live and breathe baseball.

Right now we’re 28-33 in a Silver league and the “L10” number wobbles between 3-7 and 6-4, as the early days of long winning or losing streaks have been replaced by a scattershot mess of red and green on the schedule page.

Without a Football Manager-style AI assistant manager to look over my shoulder, (and tell me “we’re being seriously overrun in midfield!”) I’m having to guess what is up.

From looking at the team page my Avg, OBP and HR are squarely middle of the Conference pack, (7th, 8th and 6th), but runs scored is 11th. This has dipped over the past month from 6th, even as my W/L percentage has improved, because baseball is weird.

On the other side, Starter’s ERA and Defensive Efficiency are 8th and 7th, but runs against is dead last - 276 in 61 games.

For a while it was clear that my Bullpen was an enormous calamity, but moving a couple SPs into long relief roles in the pen and shortening the hook for specific starters is beginning to correct that. I’ve slowly improved from 15th for pen ERA to 12th.

Does anyone have any “tricks” for how to read the team and individual stats to diagnose where you need to improve?


BABIP is useful as a check on pitching woes—pitchers don’t generally get too far away from average (maybe .280 to .320, depending on how good/bad your defense is). If a pitcher looks to be having a particularly bad run but has a sky-high BABIP, it’s probably just bad luck.

I’m fascinated to see the answers from the true baseball mavens, though. My interest in the sport comes primarily by way of OOTP.


My team in S281 has managed to take the lead in their division at 39-31. We just added Sean Doolittle to the bullpen for 1999pp, to go along with Will Smith. My team in D374 is still chugging along at 37-33, and in 3rd place in their division. They have 6000pp saved up, but haven’t figured out what to spend it on yet.


Are you at the point where it’s time to start buying packs or are they still players you can buy for 6-8K that will improve your team?