Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


Nah, you want it all, like the Queen song. ;)

Lefty hitters to take advantage of your park. Lefty pitchers to fool the computer into putting his RHB lineup up against them.


It is focused on changing your ballpark to favor lefty hitters. So you want lefty pitchers too as most teams will stack righty hitters against left handed pitchers.


No, you setup your park factors to favor lefty hitters and punish right handed hitters. Then you pitch lefties so the other team’s AI puts in right handed hitters for the platoon advantage but are punished by the park factors.


Do most people have enough players on their team to effectively switch out the lineup based on whether the pitcher is a righty or lefty?


Well, the majority of batters are right handed to begin with, but in general given the lack of injuries, it makes sense to build your team (within roster limits) to have some platoon options.


Here’s my team. No external forces were used in creating it, in less than a week:

65-26 now. So 91 games into the season. Carpenter, Corbin, and Grove are the three most recent additions, based off earned PP.

Gregory Polanco and Michael Brantley are having themselves a year…


As a left handed person, I salute you ;)


It would be interesting to run a test and see if a right handed rotation could be successful in combination with a left handed batting order.


I’ll try posting my transactions pages later, if there’s interest.


What is their record on the road?


37-9 at home, 28-17 on the road.

RDIFF is an hilarious +221.


Also, I don’t know if your stadium dimensions affect things, but I played with those as well before starting…

Behold the Vienna Grounds, where fly balls hit by righties go to die…


I believe they have no impact, just the ballpark factors.


I’ve read the same thing.

I haven’t messed with ballpark factors, is ,900 the smallest you can put it and 1.100 the highest?


Yep. Used to be .800 and 1.200 but they nerfed it after beta.


I was thinking to myself, “My team could use some cheese,” and discovered that my lineup is already six lefties, two switch hitters, and a lone right-hand batter at catcher. All I need are some arms!


So you didn’t touch the wall height or distance? Did you change the weather (e.g. blowing in from left?).


Oh, I touched the distance. I set those custom distances myself. I didn’t adjust wall height or weather. And if you look at the park, it looks like the kind of place that would make Matt Carpenter drool, and make David Wright weep.


At one point in this season I was 3-1. That remains the high point of my season.

Then I dropped to 3-3 and that was the last time I was .500.

Then I dropped to 3-4 and that was the last time I was only a game under .500… until now.

Eighty nine matches later off the back of an 8-2 run I’ve made it back to 46-47, one game away from finally evening up my record. My connection to the team has wobbled a bit at times as it does feel like the things I’m doing aren’t haven’t an effect in either direction, but if I get back to .500 in 15 minutes and 11 seconds I’ll be over the fucking moon.


I’m currently at 49-44 and leading my division in S281 by 2 1/2 games, and in 3rd place in my division in D374 at 50-45. I seem to be doing fairly well against the top teams in my division, or at least holding my own, and dropping games elsewhere.