Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


Mine are:
Bronze - strummer007
Bronze - strummer00
Silver - strummer


anybody missing from this list?


madmarcus, Seoul Expats, currently winning my division but not looking all that good in Silver
JesseBarfield, Thule Ultimates, currently looking batter then expected in Bronze


jfardal, Kluane Rangers


Where the hell do you add friends?


Genocidal, Akron Aeros in Silver (and probably staying there).


Go to Perfect Team Home screen -> Universe tab -> Manager list
Search for username, and use the “Add as friend” button to the right of the row with their name


Prebot in Silver


Thanks for doing that!

My absolute favorite name on that list is @strummer’s “The Alan Wiggins Project.” Sheer brilliance.


What strummer said. Also, make sure you change your settings to join league with Friends rather than the default “Random.” I had to do this a couple times to make it stick. For me, it was best to switch to “join league with Friends”, then Submit, then immediately close the game, then reopen to check on it.


I friended everyone on that list and switched the league setting to friends, so hopefully I’ll run into some of you next year.


The Argonauts offense is on a bit of a hot streak.


Where do you find this? EDIT: nvm, found it!


I am about to depart from Gold in the wrong direction this weekend. My Ewes were 10 above .500 toward the end of last season and slumped to finish 81.81 and they’ve carried that form into this year, where I only just moved off the very bottom of the entire league recently.

Suddenly all my pitchers are woeful with ERA over 6 and we don’t have the bench or the PP to deal with that. I could handle one or two being off, but not the entire rotation outside of Wilbur Wood.


My diamond team went 8-20 in August. :(


My silver team was in the cellar in late May, but it’s played .750 ball since. Two games out of first place last I checked.


The Seattle Kraken are having a pretty good 1st season in silver. We lead the division by 7 games and have a magic # of 2. There are a couple teams in my divison that have diamond and perfect players on their rosters though so my time in the playoffs might be short.

The Kraken have officially clinched the division and are playoff bound!


Congrats @pizzaddict. My Librarians fell out of first in the division after a horrible August but we just clinched a wildcard, meaning I’ve made the playoffs in each of the three seasons that I’ve competed in.


Grats to both you guys! Both my teams have risen from the cellar to the edge of the postseason.

My Bronze New Haven Red Sox have clinched a wildcard berth. My Silver Boston Red Stockings are locked in a tense three-way battle for the division championship or wildcard berth – with only two games to go. Pretty exciting!


I’m in the playoffs with my gold team. Hopefully I do better than last season when I lost to the wild card team.



My gold team managed to salvage their season somewhat are were just out of the 2nd wildcard spot by a couple games. After their play in June - early August I wasn’t sure if they would be staying in gold. My diamond team had a very disappointing season after a great start. They ended up well clear of relegation, but about 13 under .500.