Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


I’m in silver .300 for the new season. I don’t see any friends in the league. I’ve got the settings to use friends list. so not sure what may have gone wrong.

Regardless, here’s to good seasons for everyone!


I’m in G338 and didn’t get paired up with anybody either. It does look like Kwhitt and Vyshka got paird in a gold league together.


So… this happened.

That’s a regular 1,000PP pack.


The new league settings were not used for this week’s season:



Congrats @Mr_Bismarck, that Sale goes for about 25K and the Corbin for another 2K.


Wow! Nice one, Biz.

Maybe I should stop turning up my nose at packs…


Also, this guy is in my gold division.

Guess I’m playing for the wildcard?


You never know! Star teams can flounder. Keep us posted.

And congrats @Mr_Bismarck on the pack.

I’m in G322.


Best of all, that pack was opened by my Packerton Pack Rats team who are named that because they’re only going to acquire players through packs. Both Sale and Corbin won their first stats, which you’d have to hope for in Bronze league.

Unfortunately, they’re followed by Gene Conley and Johnny Cueto, who both lost. Up next is 61-rated Trevor Cahill, so Sale is going to need a strong back to carry us anywhere.


I’ve been so disappointed with the late season play of my teams the last couple of seasons I haven’t logged in yet this morning to see where they are.


I’m in Silver.321 and Gold.359. Teddy Ballgame and the rest of the Sox are off to a good start.



This team’s name is clever.



I’m in the same division as vyshka! Cool.

I’m Atlanta and he’s Cedar Rapids. So far, we’re not really lighting it up. Yet!



Ugh, after starting 2-0 the Kraken are now off to a 6-15 start losing 9 in a row at one point.

This game feels so random sometimes. Last season in silver, my starting rotation was top 5 but my bullpen and def. efficiency were usually ranked somewhere between 10th and 13th. This season, in Gold, with exactly the same roster, my starting rotation is 14th, bullpen and def. efficiency are 5th. Small sample size and all but still funny.


I started out 2-7 so happy to see they are doing a little better.


Well, the Kraken now sit at 11-23, worst record in the league. My starting pitching is getting destroyed every game and I’m not scoring a ton of runs either which shows in my current -43 run diff. I guess I just ride it out at this point and hope my team gets hot so I don’t get relegated.


My Gold team, newly promoted, is also sitting in the cellar. But after a dismal April, they’re playing almost .500 ball in May, so maybe there’s hope.

My Silver team, also newly promoted, is 5 games ahead in its division.

Those New Haven Red Sox now have Warren Spahn and Johnny Sain. (My theme is an all-Boston team, but not necessarily all-Sox!) So: “Spahn and Sain, and two days of rain.” But I have Roger Clemens and Lefty Grove just in case of clear weather. :P


My team in Silver295 is 19-17 thanks to an eight game win-streak that righted their record after they opened 5-12.

They’re ranked 1st in Defensive Efficiency, but moderate-to-bad at everything else. Pitcher Mark Langston was amazing last year, but now he’s comfortably the worst in my starting rotation, with an eye-watering 7.5 ERA and a 1-4 record.

I’m wondering if each player gets a “weighting” of some sort each year that controls whether they’re going to be relatively good or bad, with card type affecting the boundaries of the weighting, (“one hit wonder” = very wide boundaries and “historical legend” = narrow), because I’ve seen this sort of wild swing a lot now from these cheaper silver cards.

I sent Langston to the reserves for 14 days in favour of Eduardo Rodriguez and we’ll see if that time off resets Langston’s season in any way.

My Silver339 team are 18-17 and everything about them is middle of the road, even though they came down from Gold last year. In my rotation, Wilbur Wood is 5-2 and everyone else is some variety of bad.

My Bronze230 team is doing poorly at 16-23 because it turns out 100-rated Chris Sale can’t do everything. Sale is 6-1 with a 1.85 ERA and 68 Ks from 64 innings pitched but our offence is a black hole.


Both of my teams are in silver.

The Expats are playing .500 ball with everything being just average. We made the playoffs last year with a great pitching staff. Same pitchers and .500. My offseason pick up of Jesse Burkett for DH has been fine but everyone else is hitting horrible. This might turn into a season of training a couple of players in new positions.

The Ultimates are doing well at .625. However that’s only third in their division so this might be a tough season!


My gold team was plodding along, barely above .500. And who was stinking up the joint but 100-rated Jacob deGrom, who had fallen out of a 1000 pp pack two weeks ago. So far this season he had an ERA north of 6 and was getting shelled literally every other game.


Given that I also dislike the Mets, I yanked him off my roster and put him up for auction, starting at 23,000 and a BIN of 25K. So we’ll see.

To fill his slot I shelled out a grand total of about 150 pp for a 22-year old rookie named Tom Seaver. So yes – another Met. But, dirt cheap and an 74 rating! And in his first outing he pitches 8 strong innings, gives up just a 2-run dinger, and gets the win. Go figure.