Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


Ouch on DeGrom. I’ve had a couple of disappointing diamonds that I sold, but the only perfect I have has been outstanding (Trout).

On my other team - the bronze one - check out this division I’m in. Yikes! Tied for 1st at the moment.



I posted a video in the MLB thread about Justin Verlander being really annoyed about his amazing pitching being backed up with no competent offence and… I have a feeling that’s exactly how Chris Sale feels on my Pack Rats team.

Sale is currently at 3.9WAR, 2 ERA and 106 Ks in 94 innings pitched, but his record is 9-1 on a team that’s currently… 27-27. I presume when he’s not starting he watches the games through his fingers. Or drinks heavily.


Well, my Seattle Kraken are now 18-47 in our first year of gold. We are on pace to win 45 games. I’d say it’s safe to say we are heading back to silver next season. I’m not really sure what to do at this point. My team is 15th in runs scored and 15th in runs against so I literally have to drastically improve both my offense and pitching.


The Argonauts are muddling along at about .500 in Silver, thanks to a meteoric offense and a post-meteoric defense.


My internet had been out since 7am this morning, so I hadn’t had a chance to check on OOTP since last night. Turns out my team figured things out and is sitting on an 11 game winning streak.




Nice indeed!

So I’ve been playing OOTP since OOTP 10 – nine years now – and I never realized that one could slot starters into the “utility” slot in the depth chart. But you can! For example, I’ve noticed that my first baseman gets tired, but I have no one listed as his backup because all my other decent-fielding first basemen are also in the starting line up. So my 1B ends up playing every game.

To change this, you uncheck “sync rosters with depth charts” on the middle-right of the screen. Do any of you do this? I’ve tried it with my Gold team for the past 4 games, as we have nothing to lose – we’re 9 games under .500, in last place. So far I haven’t seen the AI rest my first baseman (or other tired players), but the sample size is small. Worst case, I could go to 7-day lineups, but who knows what happens after the 7 days are up!


Is that on the lineup screen? I don’t remember seeing it for the graphical depth chart, so I just stick the utility guy in the #2 spot for whichever positions and set him to be played when the starter is tired.


I do the same thing as I find it easier to manage. You can also do it via the lineup screen which is what I think @Spock is talking about.


Yep, on the lineup screen. @pizzaddict, you mean you only put dedicated reserve guys in the reserve slots? I can do that too, but I don’t have reserves who are competent at every position. I guess PT lets players develop fielding skill at a position (as regular OOTP does), but that’s awful slow.


My Kluane Rangers are leading the division at just over .600 with first place in division batting average, 2nd for starters era, and 4th relivers era. 10th in hr, so i guess we’re playing small ball, but it’s working out. Nice to have a team full of silver players and still be competitive in a silver league.


I’ve got Andrelton Simmons on my bench and he is now trained to play every infield position (as well as emergency outfield). He is my super utility guy.

He hasn’t really played much outfield yet so his ratings haven’t moved up a ton.


That’s a fantastic idea that I’m stealing if I ever take him out of the starting role.


Cool. How long did it take you train him to play all those positions?


Looks like I’ve been doing this since the 2024 season. Even though he is set to play every infield position (minus catcher), he still primarily gets played at SS.

Here is his career stats at each position so you can see how many starts he’s had at each position so far:

Even though he isn’t in any of my normal starting lineups, he still get about 70 starts and 300 at bats as a utility guy.


Very cool! Really smart thinking. Thanks for posting the image.


I haven’t been keeping a really close eye on my teams this week, but it looks like they’ve stepped it up a bit after a slow start. My gold team is 3.5 games behind KWhit, and in the lead for the 1st wildcard. My Diamond team is .5 games behind and in the lead for a wildcard as well.



Free windows for everyone! My division is doing its best AL Central impression; the other 4 teams are below .500 while I’m sitting at 61-35.


This will be both interesting and frustrating. I head out on a short vacation later today so my teams will go through the playoffs (if they make it) without me. I’ll come back on Wed. to find out what happened.

Hopefully I end up in a league with someone but since we won’t have made any improvements in the off season I’m not really expecting to be very competitive next season. Especially if either team is promoted to Gold (although that seems unlikely).


This is why we need the app pronto!

Meanwhile I sold deGrom for 20K and picked up some dude named Trout for 24K (this is the 100 rated version for 2018). Let’s see if he helps – I’m in third place but just a hair out the second wildcard spot in my gold league.