Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


Sale still has a 2 ERA and now is over 7 for his WAR, with a 16-4 record. He leads the league in ERA, WAR, Strikeouts, Innings Pitched, K/BB, WHIP, FIP, ERA+, rWAR, PAC and QS.

The team is 49-58.


For whatever reason my team has decided to start showing up the past few weeks and after being the worst team in the league all season, they are only 3 games back from only being the 5th worst team and avoiding relegation. I picked up Len Barker last night and he has went 2-0 so far so that has helped a little.

Also, the whale team in my division that I mentioned at the start of the season is on pace to win 123 games. That probably isn’t helping my record either. I wish you could see team vs. team records like you can in regular OOTP.


You can, but it’s a bit hidden. League -> Reports & Logs -> Select League Report -> Team vs Team.

Akron is still chugging along playing .600 ball, with second place a bit below .500. There’s an outside chance I’ll clinch before September.


Thanks! I thought I looked there but I must have missed it.


@KWhit, it looks like you are pulling ahead in the division race. I’m not really sure how my team is doing as well as it is, other than they don’t give up a lot of runs. They are doing horrible in most team statistic rankings. It looks like we have a good shot at a wildcard though. My diamond team is in the same boat, solidly in 2nd place in their division and well positioned for a wildcard spot.


I’m surprised. When I went to bed last night, you had just won the first 2 games of a 4 game series to cut my lead to 1 game. I thought I was toast as you had really turned it on. But we’ve had a good August.

By the way, I like the looks of that Kevin Brown card. Did you pull him from a pack or buy him from the AH? He’s not cheap!


I pulled him from a pack in May of this season I think.


That’s a nice pull!


My 2 teams had a really good August!

My Main Gold Team:

New Bronze Team:


Nice, my guys have pretty much played .500 ball the last 2 months. Maybe they will decide to start playing better again tomorrow, or they plan on spending Sunday relaxing.


Remember that time I bought a standard pack for 1000 PP and it had 100-rated Chris Sale inside?

Funny story…

Now the rest of my team can disappoint two Pitchers!


Or two pitchers can disappoint the rest of the team! (Which was my case with deGrom).

I am one game out of the second wildcard spot in a gold league entering September – so it’s time for action! I demoted two of my starting pitchers – Cliff Lee and Aaron Nola – to the bullpen. Both have 5+ ERAs and losing records. I promoted from the bullpen to the rotation James Paxton and a 1954 Rookie named Curt Davis who had done well in Silver.

Lets see if that helps. “I’m grateful for the opportunity and hope I can contribute,” said Davis as reporters heard both Lee and Nola grumbling in the background.

UPDATE: Both Paxton and Davis got shelled in their first starts, each giving up seven runs. Fans are calling for the manager’s head and there is discontent in the clubhouse.


Maybe 1934?; this was a crazy era where Jimmy Fox’s .334 batting average and 44 home runs only placed him 10th in the AL MVP race. Curt Davis, pitching for a hideous Philadelphia team which went 56-93, managed to post a 19-17 record with a 2.95 ERA.


You are right! My old eyes couldn’t read the baseball card year.


And looking at his real life stats, it seems he was a rookie at age 30. Bizarre. He pitched until age 42, closing his career with a 3.42 era and 158 wins. Not too shabby. And his nickname was Coonskin.


Both of my teams are in the middle of slumps and trying to give up pole position on the wildcard.


How is the season ending up for folks? Both of my teams are sitting on a magic # of 1 for a wildcard with 3 games to go.


My silver “all Boston” team, the New Haven Red Sox, has romped to a 14-game lead in its division; we clinched the division title a couple weeks ago. Looking forward to the playoffs.

My gold “oldtimers only” team, the Boston Red Stockings, has clawed its way to 2 games under .500. For all that, we’re still only two games ahead of the last-place team in the division (South Central Louisiana). I hope I don’t get relegated. Anyone know what the relegation rules are? My record is better than a dozen teams in the league, but I happen to be in a tough division.


For gold the 4 worst teams in the league get relegated.


Thanks. Okay, then I should be safe.

So I’ll definitely re-up for the new edition of PT with OOTP 20. But I’m wondering if they might slow down “leveling” a bit. It’d be interesting to have more scrubs in the leagues for longer. On the other hand, if they nerfed packs significantly, people might get fed up. A tough thing to balance.

Maybe an alternative would be a “bronze only” league. And a “silver or bronze only” league. Or even an “Iron only” league.


My silver295 team is 86-75 with one game left, which is only good enough for fourth in their division so they won’t be making the playoffs.

This is the team that had Mark Langston go really well for them last year and then totally implode this year. I actually sent him to the reserves for 14 days and that seemed to work. When he was sent down he had a 7.5 ERA and a 1-4 record. He came back a month later and recovered his ERA to 4 and his record to 9-9.

I don’t know if sending to reserves actually does anything to reset someone’s season if they’ve made a bad start as one player is obviously too small a sample, but I’m happy with his recovery.

My original team that spent two seasons in Gold are 82-79 even though Mickey Mantle and Mark McGwire went missing for the second straight season. Diamond-rated Nolan Arenado had his first good year for the team.

The packs-only team that now has two 100-rated pitches in Chris Sale and Jacob DeGrom are 77-84, which is about as close as they ever got to .500.

Chris Sale has 21 of those 77 wins, with an ERA at 2.2 and a semi-ridiculous 9.9 WAR, but can’t carry the team on his own.